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Swing glitch arrest


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Ok, firstly I've had a quick search but simply too many results to see if anyone has had this happen before


secondly, i'm fully aware that posting about things that happened without "proof" is highly frowned upon.


but, i don't record my games, and its going to be near impossible to repeat.




here's what happened.


I was messing about with the swing glitch, with the usual varying levels of success.


on my third go, in a beaten up car i must have run someone over in the park, or pissed someone off as i got a 1 star wanted level.


As my car is fooked, i pressed it up against the swings in the hope it would fire me out of trouble.


As i'm doing this a copper walks up to the side of my car and pulls his gun out and the "arrest sequence" begins.


then, just as I'm getting out of the car, the swing "fires" and me, the copper and my car get flung across the map.


As we do so, Niko is standing upright with his hands in the air, and the police has his weapon out, and we are spinning around "together" like we are danncing. We are not attached to the car, but it's flying along "in scene", but we are attched to each other and the "physics" are'nt happening.


and as we plummet to earth, the screen starts to fade to black as i've been arrested. Looked really weird


annoying to as we were just about to land in the path of a tube train sad.gif


so, there it is. another cool glitch, the timing of wihich would be a bitch to recreate.




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yea, too bad the swing always makes me run them down... oh wait, i run them down, i'll try it but it must be all about luck...

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