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The real reason why people are not satisifed

The BigSlick

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The BigSlick

Hi all,


after reading through diffrent topics, in comparing IV with the other games, I have come to the main conclusion to why people find IV so hard to appreciate.


I believe, its not because of all the features they removed, although no one is disputing that is not a valid reason, but in my honest opinion, I believe the theme is the main culprit.


Before we go on to SA, lets look at III and the original Vice City, both games overall had less features than IV (Sorry to hurt your feelings fanboys), however the reason why people loved them from the beggining, so much more than IV , was the atmosphere. Yes the graphics were then cartoony, but the theme was just excellent. Look at Vice City, although I hated the map, it was based in the 80's, and R* captured the feel so well, and made so much humour out the era, the little details made it seem much more special. Even if you were not around in the 80's, like another member so rightly said before, it has such an influance on todays socity, everyone can laugh at the jokes and relate to the theme. Its the little things, like the excellent radio, the comments on 80's politics, the clothes people were, its the little things that made these games special.


SA, which was set in the 90's also flawlessly, followed the same trend. From the West Cost gangsta theme, with the clothes, the music, I for one am not a fan of Gangsta rap, but because R* captured the atmosphere so well, Radio Los Santos was one of my favourite stations, as it gave you the feel of a real black gangsta. I could go on for ever about the theme and atmosphere of the 90's it perfectly recreated.


With III and LCS, the dark gritty city, with enemy families all around, it all gave you the feel as a real goon for the mafia, yet again, the theme was fantastic, which led to a fantastic atmosphere.


Now lets go on to IV. Yes it is missing a lot from SA, but I honestly dont believe its the real problem that you people make it out to believe. Even if it had planes, chainsaws and flamethrowers, you guys along with me would still feel as if there is something missing. Yes the city is detailed, yes the euphoria engine fantasic and graphics are excellent, but the real thing that it is missing, is not the planes or the chainsaws, for the time being, I can live with that. Its the atmosphere that is missing. Vice City and III had less features, but it was replayable and people loved it because of the theme.


This is not R* fault at all, infact it is no ones fault. We just happen live in a dull, boring and deppresing age, as much as I hate to say it. We live in an age, were you are no longer aloud the privalage of smoking in bars, but aloud to carry knives, in an age of fear, in an age were politicans are afraid to offend people to get a message across, an age of control and propagnda (Global Warming), an age, were on top of all things the music is terrible. All this leads to IV's atmosphere. As it is set in the modern times, it is reflected in the game its self. Once again R* prove to capture everything, but they have captured things from a crappy age, which has lead to a mediocre game. Thats the thing that is really missing in GTA 4, not planes, but the theme. It is just bad. No longer are you gonna drive down in a sports car, running people over, listining to V Rock, hell even cruise down the road to VCFL! No longer can you drive through the dessert, to the sound of "All My Ex's Live In Texas" or ride with your homies, with "It Was A Good Day" bluring out. Instead the atmosphere is completely dead and dull, were we are playing in an amazing city, but a dull and boring atmosphere. Even the Euphoria engine gets boring after a while, even though the animations were all crap and the same in the old games, it set a hilarious atmosphere, which just cant be repeated in modern times.


Well thats just my thought on what GTA IV's main weakness is. Please post your thoughts.

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No it`s not that atall,it`s because your ment to add features not take them away.


look at the topic complet missing features from gta 4 and you`ll know.

e2thejdot @ Oct 4 2008, 03:21


The fact that SR2 has been one of the main topics on the GTAIV forum for a week now shows me how little there is of any lasting value in GTA. The best topics on this forum are who can land on the Statue of Liberty cup and whether SR2 is going to suck? LOL.. That takes a truly boring game to not have anything left to talk about after a few months.

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I'd pretty much have to agree with you there. The theme in Vice City is the reason I still go back and play it, and just the atmosphere

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TheSamurai Hobo

I do miss the planes, mod shops


The only reasons why I'm not playing SA now, is because IV has better Graphics and Physics, but it still lacks SA's outdoors


I bet people think I'm ignorant.. not looking at the big picture sarcasm.gif

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I think the atmosphere is better. You've got this whole connection, with the city and realization. It's awesome how every form of media is connected with the world (mentioning an in-game building on the radio, and then visiting it's website or downloading the official ringtone).


And the peds and the things they do are varied and always different from the last, you never know what they're going to do next. It just makes the city (and sorry for the cliché) alive.


FYI: GTA III use to be my fav GTA, and the fact IV has captured the same essence of climate with the fog and rain is awesome; it gives me huge nostalgia.

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as soon as I heard that GTA4 was going to be created in a modern world i was disappointed and had a feeling it wasn't going to be as good...its the going back feel to the game, the 80s, the 90s gangsta during the LA riots and all that which made the games great....i wouldn't say this is the only factor, but definitely a good topic and look towards the games weakness which may open some peoples eyes.

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I have to give credit for your post. Don't see that many well written posts these days, and i kinda agree now that think about it.

I still Love GTA IV, but you're example of the radio,theme and atmosphere was spot on. I will always miss "Queen of Hearts" happy.gif


BUT I'm 100% sure that the next GTA will blow our minds, my friend. Trust me.

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Good read. icon14.gifcookie.gif


I think you are absolutely right. We do live in a controlled world. Where the only thing that is interesting is all the immigrants stealing our jobs, and the global warming.


And it's a good excuse to not blame R*. biggrin.gif


And Gamesguru, I think you are partially right.

The whole city is more alive, but it's not really doing anything. If you catch my drift.

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I think rockstar did a great job on capturing the atmosphere of a modern day New York but it just isn't as fun as a 80s Miami or 90s Cali.


My favourite thing to do in SA and VC was to just drive round listening to the music. In SA you could steal a Walton and just cruise round the countryside listening that song that went Mumas don't let your Babys grow up to be cowboys on K Rose. Or drive round LS listening to ice cube or Dr Dre in your Vodoo with you Grove st homies. In VC you could steal a Freeway and drive around listening to Come on feel the noise.


Driving around a modern LC in a Torismo listing to Dj Green Lantern just isn't the same and that's why this GTA just isn't as appealing to me.

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Infinite Monkey

I agree with every step of your argument, but not with your conclusion.


Yes: R* have successfully captured a "crappy age", and that is why it isn't as "hilarious" as previous games, but I don't think they were going for hilarious. (Dear God, I hope they weren't)


With so much expectation for brutal, callous amusment, full of little brio touches; they chose to go a different way.


What GTA IV has is "heart". It offers the hope of redemption, without ever being so crass as to claim that such a thing is even possible.


Niko is the most likeable character I have played for a long time. Certainly the most identifiable and complex. My feeling is that the boys at R* liked him and meant you to like him. If you didn't identify with Niko, then they didn't like you; so they were happy for you to hand over your cash and f*ck off.


That's where the myth of dissapointment comes from: A company who have only ever made the games they wanted to play, and a lot of people who thought that if they demanded it, R* would answer all their prayers.


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