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Same Location or New?

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So if it was one of the following, which would get your vote?


.GTA Tokyo

.GTA Dubai

.GTA London

.GTA Vice City

.GTA San Andreas

.GTA Liberty City




I vote an updated and much bigger Vice City

Edited by Amir2008

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I vote London.

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I vote London.


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Tony Mozzarelli 80

I'd say Tokyo

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7.62 hiberNative


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Juice By Kayla Marie

I say chicago/St.Louis

Off The List..

I think San Andreas..

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Gotta be London.

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Maybe not bigger but a lot improved vice city would be awsome Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif

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GTA: London 1969. Think "Get Carter" mixed with an R* original flavor, juxtaposed with "Austin Powers" visual imagery & humor. Not some bland corny generic getaway/guy ritchie ritch-esqe "modern" bullsh*t. Set in the golden age of the city, in it's prime, much like miami in the 80's, chicago in the 20's, or L.A. in the 90's; when it lead the world culturally. British Invasion/american counter-culture on the radio, psychedelic fashion, classic cars, etc.


GTA 3: Sopranos (00's)

Vice City: Scarface/Miami Vice (80's)

San Andreas: Boyz N the Hood/Menace II Society (90's)

GTA 4: An R* Original


GTA 4: London 1969 - a perfect combination of R* original creativity drawn from the inspiration of classic cinema to more fully capture the feel and essence of the place & the era in time in R* style. Similar to what Vice City circa 1986 did, only for a more mature (if not same) audience this time. Many were apprehensive about VC back then, because it took you far out of your comfort zone and introduced you to a somewhat strange alternate reality, but that's what made it so interesting to explore on many levels and culturally relevant today. You felt like you lived that culture and eventually came to understand that cultural vibe to some extent. Because it would be so alien to a lot of people, it would be an experience in gaming like Vice City was which converted a lot of detractors because of the rave reviews and buzz around it. You've got to take risks, who wants LC-VC-SA forever?

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