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grand theft auto: tierra caliente

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tierra caliente are the states of sinaloa,sonora,durango,michoacan,tamaulipas and coahuila and nuevo leon in mexico it would make and interesting game since the rise of mexican cartel related violence in mexico by the so called zetas and chapos it has been an ongoing war of drug cartels in mexico and why not kidnapping juniors and fresas girls in el distrito federal or mexico capitol there has been a lot of guns and drug trafficking in the areas mentioned above it wouls just be like a new setup being a narco or a sicario in these places and outside of the us of a

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Total Overdose! cookie.gif

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I can see where you are getting at.

Plus, Mexico is close to the US, and California, so there is an opportunity for any San Andreas crossovers, and I have no doubt Rockstar would suceed in creating a area for all sorts of gamers to enjoy.

There is a lot of crime in Mexico, as you have indicated, and it would'nt be hard to imagine a scenario where the protagonist makes his way to the top of the criminal ladder.

However, a lot of Rockstar's appeal stems from satirising the scene, and i think that would be difficult, as iin order to suceed in making the game realistic, the signs and stuff will have to be in Spanish, and seeing as the majority of GTA players come from English speaking countries, that would be a major obstacle for Rockstar to overcome.

But icon14.gif for originality.

I'm guessing you're from Mexico?

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not really i was living there but since the rise of crime i went away haha also a lot of people are living scared and afraid of their neigbors just like us hah

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7.62 hiberNative

would be pretty cool. walking around with a huge hat and being badass ;D

mexican bad guys always rock, too

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