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Favourite NPC one liners?

WrathLord Kool

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WrathLord Kool

Not from mission characters but just from peds. And please, no BS that you imagined your heard whilst spilling your brew or bong.


Mine in no particular order are:


“hey, are you jerking off in there”


“cheesy vaginas”


“that man just felt my butt”


I’m sure there are heaps of others that I’ve only heard once or twice but I can’t recall at the moment. I think I hit a “cheesy vagina” bug (PS3 version) as I hadn’t hear it for about a week and then 5 or 6 NPC’s said it in about 10 minutes.


Please respond…….or “are you jerking off out there?”


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I'm not sure if this was GTAIII or SA, but,


"Are you high?! Can I have some?"

Warrior Nation is the worse ever clan, dont join.

We are all idiots.

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a cop shouting to a fleeing criminal, "Don't worry, your asshole will stretch".

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