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post all your greatest cop chaces and


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shoot outs i decided to make this topic about both so there won't be as many topics about it mines was when i had a six star then i went to alderney from broker got a heli the one with the machine gun i shot down both of the heli's then jump out because it was on fire then landed in the water and then the police boats came after me and killed me

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do you ever come up for air?

alot of people complain about the cop chases, i think theyre a massive improvement. Youre forced to drive through alleys to avoid their sights and such... good fun!

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Run on sentences are for the BIRDS!!!

That linguistics gripe outta the way... I have too many in all honesty. The best one is when you have 3 to 4 stars over the course of a long running chase, on foot and on car, and yes, I have done this. Near to where Brucie is, I hid in the cement wall section while watching the blips on the map and checking the heli.


You'll notice the heli flying away from you then comging back, that's your best chance to make a run, I wound up knocked into the water while driving a few times, the police boats arrive and I'm a goner! I can never seem to survive those attacks.

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