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Build Your Own GTA

Recommended Posts


Let the voting begin!



user posted image

I'm sure you've all seen some gaming scripts over at WD, if not, head over there now and have yourself a read. The whole idea of this is to have a little fun and make your own GTA. The winner will be decided by YOU! A poll will go up once everyones work is complete.

Deadline: 7th of September

user posted image

Have a good idea and the ability to make it work for you!

user posted image

The rules are simple, no pointless spamming, no flaming and no plagiarizing. You can work together with someone else if you feel like it, this is fun, its not something to get competitive about. DO NOT BUMP YOUR OWN POSTS, PUNISHMENT WILL FOLLOW.

user posted image

Basically you'll need to create the following:

  • Storyline

Main character

Other Characters



New Features

These are just the few things you need, of course your allowed to think outside the box, the more creative you get the more fans you'll reel in and the more votes you'll get! These can go from posting a few missions, to adding some Box Art or just making your whole post look nice and neat with graphics and tables.
Entries Location Description
Elek-1138 GTA: Vice-Dade Things don't always go as planned in this little city.
macorules94 GTA: San Mantando Freddy Kembelton is looking to make it big after a bomb job gone wrong in Los Santos, can him and his friends make it back to the top?
Matthew_2008 Location Description
Masterkraft & Deuce Deuce GTA: Franklin Islands Description
[LV] GTA: Baltic States Description
GTAIVTriads GTA: San Cruviano Description
girishb & CCPD GTA:Paradise Islands Description
VinnyGouveia GTA: San Paolo Chronicles Come to sunny ol' San Paolo, where the spirits are as high as the drugs.
GTAwarrior GTA: Bridgeton Joseph Donovan is an ex-Green beret, but when his brother goes missing he'll have to go through a lot more then what the military trained him for.
Dio90 GTA: Sunstate Will Buckner is just a college drop-out, but after a deal that puts him in the middle of one of Sunshine States biggest gang wars, he soon becomes a former shadow of himself.
Doctor Emmett L. Brown GTA: London 2028 Join a mad terrorist on his mad adventure throughout London which will soon take him to Anywhere City, where anything goes.
sethpenguin GTA: Las Vegas Come join an old friend as he starts from scratch in the desert.
Mr. Someguy GTA: 2019 Head into the future for a wild ride as you take on street gangs to scientests in this little city.
bobtheimp1230 GTA: Toyko Mahito has sworn revenge on his brothers life after a drug-deal gone wrong.
radicell & gta_talk GTA: Quentin City Coming Soon
DJBillyB GTA: Independence City Alex Fernadez has a lot of people who love him, but theres a small group of those who don't, and the odds are looking to slide their way.
mike752 Vice City: 2008 Mucho Cojones and Tueur Vaudous are battling in the streets of Vice, and Raul Perez is stuck in the middle of it all.
ThatGTAGuy2000 GTA: Liberty City: 2008 After surviving a plane crash in the San Andreas desert, Novy Hartman is out to destroy those who tried to destroy him, as he goes through San Andreas, Vice and finally home to Liberty
Hamonacheesewich GTA: Empire City After losing everything he loved, Ian only has his first name to go by as he tries to get back at those who wronged him.
gamesguru GTA: San Andreas Stories Ric Reeves is making his way back up from the streets with help from the Grove.
Rucke GTA: Back in Vice Juan Gonzalez is making it big, but after he is framed by one of the biggest druglords in Vice, he soon joins forces with a powerful man and seeks out to crumble an empire.
BlOoDStReAm101 GTA: Vice Marco Pegerino was once a wealthy man, but after a friend sends him bankrupt he seeks him out to exterminate the betrayer
Vercetti21 GTA: Venturas Young entrepreneur Michael Sterling is caught in the middle of a violent gang war, in order to claim the town as his own, he must fight for his own survival in this corrupted city.
atomhrt7 GTA: Rivertown Come down to Rivertown, a place with culture, history and a very harsh criminal underground.
GrandtheftAwesome GTA: Baronville Josh O'Riley is just a simple bartender, but when his father, a very big crime figure in Baronville is murdered. Josh must strike back and reclaim his dads crime dynasty.
KevinR1990 GTA: Cheyenne After a level 5 storm in Vice City, Amanda has a lot of work to do to rebuild her life.
28RedEyedCrows, Tony Mozzarelli 80 & mkey82 GTA: Last Haven Foul world leads to foul actions. People will do the best to their abilities, but they will always be set back by their human weaknesses.
N00b4Lyfe GTA: London 1970 Frank O'Hara is coming home, to hell
MaroonZ28 GTA: Sin City Crime runs wild on the neon-lined streets...
xDumdumxGTA: San Andreas StoresMike's just moved to San Andreas, the year is 1978 and hes about to make some friends.[/tr]WoozimuJakarta007GTA: Jakarta RegionsObet has just returned to his home, and has realised hes got to repair a lot of damage before he can start his whole new lifeCursedGTA: LondonDavid Denerio has just betrayed his boss, and hes about to learn consequences aren't that easy.[/tr]trr1234GTA: Vice City 2010After the war in Cuba, Jose Martinez is looking for a fresh start. He moves to Vice City to get that fresh start.LTA1992GTA: New Liberty CityWill Aston's ancestor has been framed, and only he can fix it.zeppelincheetahGTA VTake a step into the future.DarkbucketGTA: WorldwideTravel around the world in 2008.gta4pc!GTA: Chicago 2010"Jack O'brian a uneducated 24 year old black ghetto man working in liberty city,he travels back to his homland and city,CHICAGO!"SergiGTA: RevolutionA very cool GTA storylinestefanakasidGTA: SjokeA former pottery worker has alot of work to do to find out who framed him.These Graphics were made by the ever so sexy Deuce Deuce.


Any issues, please feel free to PM me,


Edited by ~PhusioN~

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How long/short does an idea have to be? Does it have to be a full on storyline or can it be a background story thing?

I can come up with some ideas for an ideal GTA wink.gif

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Whatever you think would make a cool GTA, it has to be detailed but and should cover basic things like storyline, locations, gangs and characters.

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user posted image


Everything you need to know about GTA: Vice-Dade will be found here:

GTA: Vice-Dade Website



Update: A little teaser...

Update: Info about main character added.

Update: Weapons list and description added. First piece of Game Art added.

Update: Updates moved to bottom of post. Vice Dade County Logo added to Game Artwork. Intro to Vice-Dade Added.

Update: Graphics added. First map of Vice-Dade added to Game Artwork.

Update: Maps Section added. Map of [City of] North Vice Beach added.

MAJOR UPDATE: Everything transferred to a website (Link given).

Update: Radio Stations Page added to website.

Update: Vehicel Page Updated. Vehicles total now at 120.

Edited by Elek-1138

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im in

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Not participating anymore due to the organizer of this thread/compitition isen't being fair to all contestents in this thread/compitition.

Goodbye! mad.gif

Edited by Matthew_2008

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Blatant Note: GTA Franklin Islands takes place in the GTA III canon, not the GTA IV canon, meaning character cameos and references (if any) are correct.



user posted image

Franklin Islands: Home of the corrupt and fraudulent, overrun with debauchery and dominated by gang culture. Franklin Islands and it's economical balance is reliant on nightfall imports and exports, with nothing moving unless gangs allow it to happen. Aside from the ever growing gang culture, Franklin Islands is also kept in a vice-like grip by the corrupt and power greedy police force.


Welcome to the number one retirement home as voted by citizens of Liberty City.


2008, and Franklin Islands is in a dormant balance. While the city breathes and lives on, gangs are slowly driving each other to extinction and hardly ever handle the rejection of suppliers and dealers too lightly.

This is bad news for one local man who is asked to supply a wealthy and dominant gang with armaments and narcotics, especially when he politely but unexpectedly refuses to have anything to do with them. With this, the gang immediately attempt to persuade their client through a hasty and brutal kidnapping. Now, his flatmate and long time friend seeks to rescue his brother from the ever tightening clutches of one of Franklin Islands' most powerful gang, even if it means bringing them to their knees...


Welcome to Franklin Islands.



New/Improved Features:


Overhauled combat system -attacks from enemies now freely countered, offering a variety of fighting opportunities. Weaken enemies in certain parts of their body.

Enhanced physics - character movement, driving and combat now feels more real than ever before, displaying an accurate array of effects due to one's actions. Limp, bleed and move slower with substantial damage, though this can be enabled and/or disabled down to player's preference.

MP3 player use - upload your own music or select tracks from the ingame radio to listen to anytime. Exclusive tracks available through episodic content and online downloads. In-game MP3 player can hold up to 100 tracks.

Over 60 explorable interiors - open and free, there's over 60 interiors in and out of missions to explore and discover.

Fully interactive exteriors - environments that adapt to your presence, with some areas allowing you to cause substantial damage.

Over 20 preset outfits - much like in Vice City, these outfits can be changed into at your safehouse, varying on occasions and mood.

Varied and inconsistent vigilante/taxi missions - Side missions now offer a more varied narrative, providing a more realistic and enjoyable playing experience.



The Map:


user posted image


Main Characters:

Dominic Hurley - A world weary and highly cynical 35 year old man originally from Manchester, England, Dom isn't easily sutured by the "easy, fast" lifestyle Franklin Islands promises. After moving with his brother Zak, both have been involved with more controversial sides of the employment market, though Dominic is usually the primary breadwinner in the apartment he and brother live in.


Zak Hurley - More optimistic than his brother, Zak seems to see every job as an opportunity; all except the one that results in his brutal kidnapping. Zak also seems more "straight-edge" than Dominic, often refusing to get heavily involved with more dirty and underground work. Zak lives with his brother above a small cafe run by Brenda Baker, a sundrenched and lively woman.


Brenda Baker - With wisdom as dark as her complexion, Brenda is far more than the innocent cafe owner than customers assume. Even her deeds go unnoticed by her two young tennants living above her, until she asks for their help in such matters. Soon enough, Dominic is soon involved with Brenda's work as well as his own, with both providing delicate and dangerous work in the underbelly of Franklin Islands.




Unlike the previous GTA's, Franklin Islands features a less varied selection of weapons, yet the way in which they are used is greatly enhanced thanks to improved physics and the ability to carry a weapon regardless of the amount of ammo you possess. Should this be the case, you can use the gun as a melee weapon. Slot allocation works the same as previous installments; one weapon per slot. This excludes the Miscellaneous section, where all 5 can be carried and used without having to sacrifice essential items.



Weapon Catagory Description
Baseball Bat Melee Coming Soon
Katana Melee Coming Soon
Knife Melee Coming Soon
Sledgehammer Melee Coming Soon
Screwdriver Melee Coming Soon
Lead Pipe Melee Coming Soon
Chainsaw Melee Coming Soon
Colt 45 Handguns Coming Soon
Colt Python Handguns Coming Soon
Desert Eagle Handguns Coming Soon
Silenced Pistol Handguns Coming Soon
Micro SMG Machine Handguns Coming Soon
MP5 Machine Handguns Coming Soon
AK-47 Assault Rifles Coming Soon
Ruger Assault Rifles Coming Soon
M4 Assault Rifles Coming Soon
RPG Launcher Heavy Artillery Coming Soon
Gattling Gun Heavy Artillery Coming Soon
Grenade Thrown Coming Soon
Molotov Cocktail Thrown Coming Soon
Tear Gas Thrown Coming Soon
Satchel Charge Thrown Coming Soon
Camera Miscellaneous Coming Soon
Spray Paint Miscellaneous Coming Soon
Phone (+ Upgrades) Miscellaneous Coming Soon
MP3 Player Miscellaneous Coming Soon
Lock Pick Miscellaneous Coming Soon
Sniper Rifle Rifles Coming Soon
Winchester Rifle Rifles Coming Soon
Hunting Rifle Rifles Coming Soon





The sunny islands of Franklin are home to many fresh and exciting radio stations ready to deafen you or make your retirement all that more frightening. Here's what's infesting your radio.


CHN 97.7 (Chain Radio)

“Music that’s officially off the chain!”

Big Beat/Breakcore/Dance


Venetian Snares – Frictional Nevada

The Chemical Brothers – All Rights Reversed

Merzbow - Munchen

Pendulum – Blood Sugar


Cut Chemist – The Garden

Omni Trio – A Little Rain Must Fall

Squarepusher – Orient Orange

Mad Capsule Markets – Asphalt Beach

Battles – Layendecker



Silver Fret FM

“The most intense licks this side of Franklin Islands…”



Airbourne – Diamond In The Rough

Black Flag – Slip It In

Sevendust - Driven

Korn – Evolution

In Flames – The Mirror’s Truth

Queens Of The Stone Age – 3’s & 7’s

Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

Slipknot – Before I Forget

Nine Inch Nails – Echoplex

Slayer – Epidemic

Death From Above 1979 – Turn It Out

Lamb Of God – A Devil In God’s Country



Head Radio

“Give Head Radio a listen, and soak up generic tunes of contemporary times!”



Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds – Dig Lazarus, Dig

Eagles Of Death Metal – Cherry Cola

The Killers – Bones

The Fratellis – Acid Jazz Singer

Foxboro Hot Tubs – Red Tide

The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution

David Bowie – Andy Warhol

Bloc Party – Flux

Portishead – Hunter

Linkin Park – In Between

Weezer – Pork And Beans



Frowland 83.1

“A blast from the past, turns that frown upside down, sober or not.”

Classic Rock/Alternative/Swing


Captain Beefheart – Dachau Blues

Led Zeppelin – Black Dog

Frank Zappa – Willie The Pimp

King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind

Frank Sinatra – That’s Life

The Four Tops – Something About You

Rod Stewart – We Are Sailing

David Bowie - Andy Warhol

Jimi Hendrix – Burning Of The Midnight Lamp

Frank Zappa – Cosmik Debris



Eye On Franklin

“Providing Franklin Islands with entertainment, news and hot interviews.”

Talk Shows


Franklin News – Up to date news report from the Franklin Islands news chopper and FIPD street patrollers.

Life’s A Beach – Lifeguard comedy/drama set in South Franklin Islands.

Lazlow Catches The Wave – Lazlow reports with Franklin Islands latest celebrity gossip and interviews.

FIRS (Franklin Island Radio Shopping) – Radio Shopping brought to you by Amy Shackenhousen



Franklin Decks 81.9 (Dex Radio)

“Finally, something good to pollute your beach-bound boombox!”

Rap/Hip Hop


Snoop Dogg – Waste Of Time

Wu Tang Clan - Wolves

Hilltop Hoods -

Snoop Dogg – Press Play

N.E.R.D – Thrasher

Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip – The Beat That My Heart Skipped

Wu Tang Clan – Rushing Elephants

Dead Prez – Hip Hop

Public Enemy – Fight The Power




“Nothing matters, so kick back and play your trumpet until your mouth dries up.”



Big D And The Kid’s Table – Bender

Reel Big Fish – Beer

Rage Against The Machine – Renegades Of Funk

The Blood Brothers – Vital Beach

Mamonas Assassinas – Shopping Centre

Reel Big Fish – Sell Out

The Melvins – The Kicking Machine

The Specials – Hey Little Rich Girl



Franklin Flow 96.6

“Play it cool, and listen easy…”

Acoustic/Easy Listening


Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static

Newton Faulkner – Aging Superhero

Groove Armada – At The River

Loudmouth Soup – Skydiver

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh)

Bright Eyes – Lua

Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes

Air – Once Upon A Time

Secret Machines – Alone, Jealous And Stoned


Edited by Masterkraft

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Updated it with some tables, I'll get the graphics rollin'.


Everyone sign up, its just some good fun.



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ive started mapping out my fictional city......oopz i mean state.



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user posted image




user posted image

When you hear warm beaches, hot chicks and booze that flows like river, it means welcome to Paradise Islands! Paradise is exactly what it is, in every aspect of its name. Be it the local residents or tourists, fun just doesn’t seem to cease. Composed of three islands, this place can take you from a low to high within a matter of few seconds.


However, beneath this creamy layer of society lies a hideous organization where there’s no end to crime and corruption. Aided by corrupt cops, the domination of the Costello Mafia is unstoppable. People on the upside aren’t aware and people on the downside wouldn’t live to tell.


Dexter Grimmell, a corrupt top cop, is serving a life sentence after being framed by his equally corrupt colleagues. With the help of his cousin, he’s about to break out of jail and when that happens, only one thing can be guaranteed – there’s going to be trouble in Paradise!




user posted image


Dexter Grimmell – Protagonist


Miranda Foster – Cousin of Dexter Grimmell


Rocco Davis – Struggling actor / owns Rocco’s Auto Repairs


Gary Costello – Don of Costello Mafia


Jim ‘Hardfist’ Horgan – Right hand man of Don Costello


Colin Flahive – Oil Business Tycoon / owner of Flahive Oil Corporation


Angel Flahive – Daughter of Colin Flahive


Lawrence Quinn – (In)famous film director


Rosabelle Lovett – Film celebrity


Jon McCrohan – Corrupt Cop


Ray Mansfield – Corrupt Cop


Dwayne Baker – Corrupt Cop





user posted image





user posted image





user posted image





user posted image


Edited by girishb

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The deadline will be decided once some of the projects kick off, you guys will have plenty of time to work on this, don't worry.



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Doctor Emmett L. Brown

So we have to script is that correct?

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Just refer too the first post, script will probably get some favor with the voters.



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Doctor Emmett L. Brown
Just refer too the first post, script will probably get some favor with the voters.




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my state is finished.....now for everything else

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Okay Marco, now post it in this topic for everyone to see.


Also, when using code






Makes the size bigger, whilst such things as colour and italics could be;









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Im in

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i want to join biggrin.gif i made my own map, main character, weapons, gangs, features and everything for 3 years and i'm willing join this compatition. and btw the area of the location doesnt have a name but in the earlier days of creating my own gta me and a few friends agreed on calling it GTA: San Cruviano

Edited by GTAIVTriads

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user posted image






- Freddy Kembleton (main player)


- Jonah Kembleton (cuzin)


- Gendy (friend)


- Bob (Jonah's best friend)


- Kary (Gendy's sister)



(un inportant ones that play a lil role in the story)


- Roman Bellic (yes....Freddy meats Roman in Hambleton after getting caught red handed killing Turk Harting)

- Liam Charles

- Hannah Montana

- Niko Bellic

- Candy XXX

- Turk Harting

- Phil Bell

- Lance Vance

- Packie

- John Hunter

- Kiki (hoe)

- Gabriello Santamotti

- Rado Redillio

- Nicholas Frank

- Nick Kang

- Ilija Todomevski

- Kent Paul

- Lial Huts

- Homer Simpson

- Quello Sandino

- Koskas Philoponos

- Terry Guts

- Jerry Nuts

- Chris Alago

- Carl Jonomo

- Sharl Tay

- Goerge Wellington

- Aiden Pezzinami

- and lots more






Its the year 2012. Freddy, Jonah and Gendy were living the dream in their Los Santos mansion in Vinewood.

It all went wrong when an old friend called from Liberty City..!! His name was.....Niko Bellic. He blackmailed Freddy, Jonah and Gendy into bombing the US Bank Tower in Los Santos. It crashed to the floor and killed 4657 people.They were sent to 50 years in jail in Carcer City after there was no more room in the Los Santos jail. After three years in Jail....they were finally tired of it and decided to escape it.


They escaped down to a state called San Mantando...!!


So now its the year 2015 and all they have is one crammy old apartment that they found abandoned.

Anything can happen in San Mantando as they try to become millionares....again.

The state of San Mantando is based on no state. It was made up 100% out my brain.

Here it is....


It has 5 Cities and it has 23 small towns and 1 big town, a countryside, desert and snowy mountains. biggrin.gif




You start in the city of Las Bernattanica and have to fight your way up.

here is the map....(the street maps of the cities arn't real....there are way more streets)






There is a secret FBI base and the only way to get there is by plane...or go under the secret tunnel from the Army base.








These people can be found doin all sorts of things. They mainly hang around Las Jernallica. Their colour is Orange.

They wear Orange shoes, a white shirt that says LJ vs. LB, black track pants and some wear a green hat.



The Ticans used to be part of the Gallas but as Las Jernallica separated from Las Bernattanica, so did these two flaming gangs. They are found in Las Bernattanica. Their colour is Blue. They wear blue jeans and a blue sweater.



Yes.....its them. They were driven out of Los Santos in 1994 after CJ gave them the living hell.

They moved to Las Venturas but lost $4 000 000 in gambling so moved to San Mantando.

They hang around Las Bernattanica, Los Targos and some are in Coman City.

They wear Beige Baggy pants, a black Adidas jacket and a Nike hat.


The Wallos

They started in Carcer City and came to San Anlominos. Thats where they hang out and they wear normal casual clothes. You cant figure out that its them untill they pull out a Pink AK-47. Thats the only way that you can find out its them.

Some hang out in the Old Lanton and some even come to Los Targos.



These are the people that are found all around San Mantando.

They wear a gray suit and carry a gray suite case.

They have their own golden desert eagles. They are the only people that habve them.


These are just some gangs. By the time you finish all the missions, there will be another 6 gangs that come together during the storyline.










You start off here....after arriving with a small boat from Carcer City.

Las Bernattanica was separated from Las Jernallica in 1999 when the Locals from the western half had a big fight with the locals in the Easterm side. In Las Bernattanica there are lots of big high rise Hotels and Buildings and is the number one tourism city in San Mantando. You do missions for people here and in LJ. The bridge from here to San Alnominos is getting repaired after an earthquake made a big crack in it.




***LOPAZ*** 2


You come here in this little country town when you recieve a call from a guy called Liam Charles. He knows about your past so you do a lil bit of work for him in those lil country towns near Lopaz before kidnapping him back to Las Bernattanica and pushing him of a high rise building in the City.






This is the coldest city in the whole state. There are many snow storms here but it is really fun to skii down Mount Jamalatica in the snow. You come here after being in too much trouble from murdering Liam Charles. This is a nice small city but very cold. You do work for a number of people here. Missions include stealing planes from Las Jenallica Airport and flying them to Comen City airport.







This is the town that you move to after killing the biggest drug gang in Comen City. You do a number of missions for people here and the surrounding country towns.





A big town full of crime. Now its your turn to kill Turk Harting when he arrives there. But first you have to do some missions in the surrounding towns for people.





This is where you meet Roman. He is still clumsy. You do missions for him and other people in this town and the surrounding towns.






Full of casinos, restaurants, bars, night clubs and theme parks. There is a mission where you have to bomb a rollercoaster and kill all the kids. This city has the lowest crime. You come here to work for Candy XXX. She dies of aids eventually.





You stop in this little town for gas....but then as you go inside and pay...your car explodes. Someone put a bomb. You must fund out who it was and kill them. You do missions for ppl in this town and the surrounding towns.





You have finally found Niko Bellic. He came here for a holiday. You must kill him after he put you in through all this trouble.

After that you end up with a big mansion on top of one of the desert dunes. From your window you can see the whole San Alnominos.








- all previous features & vehicles from gta3, VC, SA, LCS, VCS and IV.

- parachutes

- flying

- eating

- swimming

- diving

- buyable property

- customizable cars

- internet cafe

- jetpack

- you can now skii down mount Jamalatica.....fun fun fun

- speedometer

- you can buy anything from the shops eg. mobiles, food, computers, guns, clothing, etc

- a new vehicle is the Jet Skii... sly.gif

- you can rob banks...stores...houses

- you can build & customize your character

- if you have the money then you can build your own house

- you can even build your own 500m office building in the city

- there is a total of 1250 vehicles

- there is a mission which involves flying to Los Santos ans Carcer City

- you can enter ALL buildings

- sharks can eat you in the ocean

- you can crash planes into buildings

- - businessmen riding to work on there bicycle's that we could ram into buildings and smash them with their suitcases

- be able to do things to the enviroment like chainsaw down trees to create a roadblock or hang on branches to snap them off and whack people with it

- be able to pick up stuff like bricks to smash windows and climn in houses to rob stuff

- pick up plastic bags to strangle people

- see other drivers have car crashes like accidently bumping onto them at traffic lights and getting out to exchange details

- more weather- it would be cool to have Snow, and maybe a tornado like once every 2 months game time or something and earthquakes or hurricanes

- trees and power lines can fall down and electricute people in storms

- you can be able to pick up things and throw at people..like that state of emergency game..

just there can be rocks you can pick up and throw at people..and they turn around and get pissed off at you..

- hide behind things from the cops and they cant find you..

- all 4 seasons and weathers


- Kids take a bus to school

- you can make babies with gf's



- ill add more when i can think of them..









- Binco

- Sub Urban

- Dider Satches


- Victim

- pro laps

- Persues

- Modo

- Hambra

- Jenal

- Myer

- David Jones

- Target

- Kmart


- Wallmart

- T mart




- Woolworths

- Coles

- Action

- 24/7

- Cluckin' Bell

- McFonnals

- Burger Lot

- Pizza Vut

- Blue Hooster

- Fub Vay

- Jiggles





- Allphones

- Crazy Johns

- Optus store, Telstra store, Vodafone store, Boost store, Virgin store, Cranky store, T-mobile store





- Ammu-nation

- Widon De Ammu

- Knife shop

- Dambreno

- Samo Pistoli





- Tang cars

- Karin (dilletante, Intruder etc.)

- Classique (stallion etc.)

- Speedogenter (fast cars)









- fist

- brass knuckles

- death ring (shart pointy ring)

- ninja death stars






- baseball bat

- nightstick


-pool cue

- shovel

- knife

- katana

- chainsaw

- screw driver

- hammer

- meat cleaver

- machete

- sharp pencil

- hand axe

- chisel

- hockey stick







- grenades

- tear gas

- Molotov cocktales

- satchel charge






- colt .45

- desert eagle

- silenced colt .45

- Colt Python

- .357






- tec-9

- uzi

- uzi 9mm

- ingram mac 10

- mp5

- mp10

- ak-74u

- p90

- AK-59






- shotgun

- sawn off shot gun

- spas 10

- spas 12

- stubby shotgun






- ruger

- ak- 47

- m4

- m16






- machine gun

- machine gun that shoots 300 bullets at once

- m60e4

- bazooka

- heat detective bazooka

- m 60

- flame thrower

- chain gun bazooka






- rifle

- sniper rifle

- laser sniper rifle

- machine sniper rifle






- spray can

- camera

- video camera

- fire extinquisher

- parachute

- night vision goggles

- thermanal goggles

- remote detonater

- nuclear missile detonator






- flowers

- dildo 1

- dildo 2

- vibrator 1

- vibrator 2

- cane

- roling pin







- Crash FM - Techno

- Holla FM - Hawian Music

- Jaberone 95.7 - R&B

- Lova 99.3 - Blues

- Collic FM - Dance

- Mollic FM - Disco

- Vice FM - 80's music

- Rappad 104.5 - Rap

- Hodol FM - House

- Las Bernattanica Galla - Fusion (only reception in Las Bernattica)

- Yokel 88.4 - Country music (only reception in coountryside)

- Lilo Filo FM - Hip-Hop

- Comen City Jazzin FM - Jazz (only reception in Comen City)

- San Alnamminos Rippanga - Retro (only reception in San Alnominos)

- Los Tangos Hambrerro - Trance (only receprion in Los Tangos and the city in Las Jernallica)

- Muavela FM - Spanish

- Sada Na Jugo - Yugoslavian Music (serbian, macaedonian, croatian, bosnian etc.)

- Selally - trip-hop






This is the Centre of the city in Los Targos..!!

user posted image

Edited by macorules94

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Its good Marco, but could you please link to the map? Its broken the tables here.

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Its good Marco, but could you please link to the map? Its broken the tables here.

ok ill link the map.....my mane is michael...not marco

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Doctor Emmett L. Brown

Maco how did you make that london screenshot wow.gif

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Deuce Deuce

Some banners for you to choose from...


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


I'm working with Masterkraft, let the competition begin! icon14.gif

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Maco how did you make that london screenshot wow.gif

i found it on google images

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Front page updated.



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Doctor Emmett L. Brown

I'll enter:


Name: Grand Theft Auto: London 2028 (Couldn't think of anything else.), Logo: user posted image




user posted image

user posted image


StoryLine: Welcome to London a killing city. It is the late 2020's and Ben Charlie is looking for revenge. You play as a terrorist that has a vicious killing mind, his name is Ben Charlie . 10 years ago the DA had locked him in jail for murdering several people around London. Bombing people, slashing people, selling cocaine and a lot more. His best friend is Niko Bellic from Liberty City USA. He comes to the UK to help you kill people, bomb people, smuggle people and sell people. He wants revenge on the people that have betrayed him in the past years of his life. He wants revenge and Niko is helping him. Ben Charlie is looking for one man that had ruined his life completely. His name is Ivan the Terrible. He had used to be a smacked up junkie but soon he had ruled the streets of Anywhere City. Zaibatsu had helped him take over the streets of Anywhere City... But Ivan the Terrible had then killed all the Zaibatsu gang members and was king of Anywhere City. Now you must fight through London with the Mafia, The Commision and the corrupt policemen to get to Ivan the Terrible...




- Carbine Rifle

- Sniper Rifle

- Assault Rifle

- Tec9

- AK47

- Minigun

- Body Armor

- AK59

- Pistol

- Combat Pistol

- Molotov

- Grenade

- Detpacks

- Dagger

- RPG - 9

- Shotgun

- Sawnoff Shotgun


- Micro SMG

- Chainsaw

- Desert Eagle

- Fist

- Brass Knuckles

- Machete

- Silenced Pistol

- Colt 4

- Sniper Pistol

- Bazooka

- Uzi

- Uzi 75mm

- Bamboo Cane

- Baseball Bat

- Normal Wooden Cane







- Disguise yourself to get in high security areas to look at top secret files

- Bribe your friends for money or suicidal.gif dead

- Go on an helicopter with your friend and talk to him when your ready to jump out

- Go in to stores and point a gun at a guy and say "Give me your f*cking money or your dead, give me the money!"

- Random Pedestrians that you can tlak to and they ask for favors

- Rob banks with friends you need ad least 4 people (Including you)

- New cars such as the Deluxo V2, Lambofernus, Deathsling and more

- Every building will have interiors and you can buy anything you want inside them

- Go to a drug dealer and some cocaine and get high

- Local people will give you money if you help them out

- If your friends f*ck you around you can just act false and hire an assassin and kill the bastard!

- Ben Charlie can put the finger to people and say "You see this huh? You see it well look what I've got. Oo look a gun" Bang suicidal.gif

- New Style of execution some dialog with the execution mode

- Execution is available on everyone including peds if there health is low

- Go to gambling places. If you lose you can get into a fight and try to kill them

- Sell drugs to peds and they say "Thanks man, man I am gonna get so high tonight wanna join me?" You can have the choice to go or not go, or just go and kill him there and then lol.gif"

- New weapons more futuristic weapons

- take the local bus and hijack the bus and take it to somewhere where no-one will see and you can torture people devil.gif

- Get pissed and hang out with your buddies

- Go on several activities including, Shooting Range, Bowling, Steal Cars, Bowling and more.

- The ability to buy apartments, houses E.T.C.


The Characters:


- Ben Charlie

- Niko Bellic

- Ivan The Terrible

- Packie McReary

- Toni Capparino

- Phil Bell

- Queen of Diamonds

- El f*cking Hell

- Derrick McReary

- Carl Johnson

- Jon Verick

- Spencer "The Motherf*cking rich boy" Dang

- Sam Derrick

- Ricky boy

- Jim McDonald

- Foxy "The Sexy" Bitch

- Frankie Burro

- Cesar Vialpando

- Kendel Johnson

- Sweet Johnson

- Salvatore

- Monkey Man


The Items:


- Parachute

- Dog Food

- Diet Coke

- Cocaine Bag

- Item of clothing such as tracksuits, clothing made of bulletproof clothing, suits and more you get the picture.

- Game Consoles

- PC

- Football

- Tennis Ball

- And more that I cannot think of to be honest.


The Vehicles:


Every single make re-make of cars will be in GTA: London 2028 and also some new cars (See features for some of the new cars.)


Now I hope this is enough I will make the map


The Gangs:


The Haitans - Former Vice City gang, originated from Cuba. Have now moved to London for family purposes. They are normally rough and if you f*ck with them well they are gonna f*ck with you. There normally together in large groups for protecting each other. Although they have changed quite distractedly since the last time they were seen.


The Gangbangers - Well you know who these are... Well probably not but I think you will get the picture. The gangbangers a re big London faction gang. They have been hanging around London for years. They are black colored people. they can be friendly but if you piss them off well they will bang your head off. The gangbangers had originated from the United States of America but they soon moved to London to cause a lotta chaos.


The Italians - The mafia from Italy. They own most of the restaurants in Little Italy in Liberty City. The head of the Mafia is Robert De Giro. He normally has men follow him everywhere. But if they try to mess with the boss the guards will soon blow there heads of with a f*cking 9ct round right through there peanut sized brain. They won't wanna f*ck with that kind of Mafia again.


Russian Commission - The Russian commission is from Russia as you may know. The leader was formerly Niko Bellic but then his cousin Roman had taken over. Niko had gone to the U.K. to help out his friend in LC. He had to leave his cousin Roman Bellic in charge. The commission can be nice but Niko is very protective with Roman so if anyone wants to get there hands on his cousin he'll have to go through the commission, Niko and his guards to leave Roman out of danger. But the commission has got a bad temper sometimes but only sometimes. They normally hang around Alderney and Bohan.

Edited by Doctor Emmett L. Brown

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Ok so pls update:

My location will be GTA:Baltic states

Btw: If any1 wants to help me feel free to PM me wink.gif

UPADTE: Cover: finished

Storyline 0.1 %

weapon list: 1.0 %

Map 35 %

Edited by [LV]

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i changed my screenshot coz Doctor Emmet L. Brown copied my old one sneaky2.gif

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Doctor Emmett L. Brown

That one suits London see smile.gif

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That one suits London see smile.gif

yeh lol i dont care anyway i found a better one biggrin.gif

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