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My brother has made a mod for Call of Duty 4 and would like a logo which can be displayed in game/on the main menu.


Name: N/A


Size: 512px x 256px


Theme: Layout preferably similar to PNG file below (with 'RTR' in larger font and 'mod' below it in smaller font). Would like the letters to appear in a blood style, maybe also dripping down a bit and the edge of the words to be outlined in a dark colour (brown/black). Could the background remain transparent as the file needs to be converted to be used in the CoD4 engine.


Resources: Example layout: http://img224.imageshack.us/img224/9410/rtrlogoet6.png


Colors: Main font red blood colour, outlined in black/brown. Transparent background.


Additional info: Would I be able to get the file as a .PSD as I need to add mipmaps to it to be used in CoD4 at different resolutions and as various file types.


Many thanks.

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That's nice, thanks!


Could you email the .psd please. smile.gif



Still open to other ideas guys. smile.gif

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Sure thing, ill email it in a few minutes smile.gif


EDIT; Done. You might wanna remove your email address now wink.gif

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Thanks for the email. smile.gif I'll leave my email there, it's listed in my profile anyway under my MSN address so no harm done. smile.gif

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