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In game music a MS patent

Lord Illicious

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Lord Illicious

I know many are sick of these topics by now but knowing how much i loved playing my old GTA games with custom music i did a lil research on why the 2.40 allows streaming from a local outside source but requires aunthorization from the game developers.


This is why:



This feature was already patented by Microsoft so it will be much harder for sony to just over command on the PS3 games.


Now that i look at it. It was very clever of them to do this to avoid any legal problems.


Only one thing i dont understand.

How would RS release a patch which would allow this feature access not break MS's patent?

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Microsoft can’t own a patent on the idea in-game music any more than they can for the idea of a graphical user interface or a spreadsheet program.


In order to enable in-game music, Sony had to update their development SDK and the old games were programmed before this update was created, necessitating that they be patched to take advantage of the new feature. The Xbox 360 SDK had this feature from the start and Microsoft ordered devs to use it.


Why can’t anyone get this concept through their thick skulls. If Microsoft owned a patent on In-game music, it would be for ALL in-game music. ALL OF IT. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE IN HOW IT IS ACCOMPLISHED BESIDES MINOR DETAILS. The ONLY difference is that M$ had the option in their SDK from the start and Sony didn’t. THAT’S IT!!!


NOW do you get it???!!

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Lord Illicious

Your saying this was already programmed in by microsoft and they ordered the devs to use it?

Every dam game a user can stream a local audio source over their game?

Every dam game you say was "ordered" to activate this feature? This doesnt make any sense.


Wouldnt it be more simplified to use another audio channel in their firmware/SDK to background the audio source?


Wouldnt that mean that PS3 would have games (same games on 360) by now that would have custom audio from the same games regardless of it's 2.40 firmware?


You deny the fact that the listed Microsoft patent above exists? Rumble feature ring a bell?


Heres another link about this:



Wait here is one directly from the US government Patent website:



Dude, please im not here to argue. Just here to clear things up.

I was just curious as why would Sony leave it up to the game dev's to activate this feature.

You cant pantent an idea but then is this real?

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I know many are sick of these topics by now

Topics with hardly anything to do with GTAIV?

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