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Freemode loop


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For some reason when i join a freemode and want to leave it i get stuck in a sort of flintstones backround loop thing where i keep coming back to the same freemode server over and over



this happen to anybody?

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hahaha flinstones!!! lmao......but sorry man havent heard of anything like that......*shakes head, hah the damn flinstones....ahh good ole cartoons of when i was a kid*

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Yeah I get it. I had it last night. I joined a free mode game where all weapons were molotov cocktails and grenades and it was whack.


So I left to find another game and it returned me so I left and played a death match then searched for free mode again and it returned me to the same freakin match.


It happens ALL the time.


It really grinds my gears.

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