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get paid without playing!


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Not sure if this has be discussed, but today I noticed a lot more people are being told how to do this. I only play GTA Race most times, so I don't know where all it works.


It's got to do with games ending as soon as they start, and the host still getting paid. The end poll screen shows as soon as the game starts, and the host usually has about $250.


BTW this isn't me starting late. I sit and wait like other players before the game starts, and the poll shows the host placed 1st and got paid after the initial load.


BTW I play on PSN.

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I think I would try...if I could figure out what the hell your rambling about. mercie_blink.gif

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I htink he's saying that sometimes the game will end as soon as it starts and when it does the host will have $250 and everyone else will have $0

basically a $250 bonus for hosting the game.


I don't know how true this is, and I hope it's not true.


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That still doesn't explain how to do it and when to do it. It seems pointless. Yeah I agree very pointless. mercie_blink.gif

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Since the patch the last player left in a race, when everybody else leaves, is given $250.

So I assume it's some sort of connection problem where the host can't recognise that there is anyone else in the race so they automatically get the 250 for being the only player left.


If there is a way of intentionally doing that, I have no idea.

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