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Couldn't sleep at all and was looking through user reviews about the new GTAIV. One of them made me laugh.

Can't create your own character, but must follow through scripted story. These are the things I don't like about GTA4.


Claims to be a GTA Fan and has been acclaimed one of the best reviewers in the business. Goes on to rant on his company.


Then people go on to say how bad the graphics are and the controls are frustrating. I just find it funny that people judge every book by its cover. And who the hell has been a GTA Fan expecting to create your own character and is in shock that you have to follow a scripted story. I'm glad this game doesn't attract the 12 year old kids wanting a game where someone holds their hands through the whole game. Although, the gameplay and storyline is somewhat disfunctional from previous GTAs. I have now mastered the controls completely as far as how finger retarded I was in the first few missions. I've learned to love this game. This game is purely a casual gamers dream. Coming from a hard day at work I cruised through LC without a MUST to do this or do that. GTA has always been my favorite game to do that. FREE WORLD. Coming from shooters / mmorpgs type of games this is pwnage. A well balanced online multiplayer game as well. Well thats my rant. Haven't slept yet so found something to keep me busy haha.. kk laters

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no one appreciates the game as a game itself.... not compared to their fantsies of what you do in a game... i'm starting to get bored of mg and go back to iv and i haven't even finished the story yet, and anyone who's round my house is amazed by iv a hell of a lot more than mgs.


one stupid thing i read was that it's back to VC struture of seperate islands (bad) AND that it is not made clear when you unlock an island (also bad)... I mean what's your point with either one!!!

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