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car blinker


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Around here we call them "turn signals". Although, I do believe that some manuals refer to them as "directional indicators" as Seleets said.

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Is there a way to turn it on? or can only NPC do it?

nope, nico is an arrogant arse so he don't do signals

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I'm surprised this hasn't been flamed yet. Just imagine how much of a waste of disk space car indicators would have been.


Why do you want them anyway?

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They could be entertaining if the cops fall for it. Put on the left signal, fake left and dart right.. .as you fake left, the cops commit to going left. Aside from that.... I see no use for it unless people want to use GTA as a realistic driving sim.


Edit: Personally... they don't do me much good. I tend to "aerodynamically restructure" my vehicles.

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Ive had one of the indicators stay on permantly when i got in a mates car in multiplayer (but thats more of a glitch than anything else)



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