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Call me an idiot...


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You are an idiot. Boy, am i original or what? biggrin.gif


Mooseoh ... WTF?

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fair play m8, ur an absolute dick! d hole point of d game is d cutscenes n d hole story is based on d cutscenes! did u xpect 2 do missions n undastand wat was goin on? cz 2 do so ud av 2 b very imaginativ n pretty smart n by d sounds of fings ur fockin far frm both! haha! tounge.gif

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i understand op for not understanding story because he skipped cutscenes but for ones that watched it how can you not understand? it is very basic but indepth story, op should play it again so you can get the feel of the story. not as good reading it up.

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Niko keeps saying "as long as it pays", "as long as the money is good".

I'm not sure how far I am in the game, but the money (one of his nicknames) seems like the thing he's after with all the guys. Which sometimes doesn't feel good, sometimes I (Niko) feel like a bitch to those guys mad.gif


Oh well, good that there is a storyline which motivates me a lot!

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Hi there.


I love the game so far, one of the best games I've ever played. I'm about 35% done, and can easily go from mission to mission, beating one after another.


The thing is...


I don't get it. Sure, I understand that Roman is Niko's cousin who lured him to the U.S., and that he has a taxi cab company. But, now that I've progressed far enough into the game, I'm getting more and more confused. Who's Packie? Vlad? Little Jacob? Elizabeta? Dwayne? Playboy X? I've done their missions, but don't understand their relationship to Niko (perhaps because I skip the cutscenes and just want to get into the action haha).


Can anyone clear this up for me, or help me find a place where I can learn all this?


Oh, and where do babies come from?


Thanks in advance.

I have spied myself a troll monocle.gif


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So let me get this straight. You watched the cut scenes and still don't understand the story? This is beyond odd, I'd hate to think if you can watch a thirty minute episode of anything on television, heck I'd abandon going to the movies.


In a nutshell, Niko does those things for the Mafia, so that 1) they pay him 2) they help him find the special someone.


If you didn't catch onto that fact which he brings up in every other cut scene I think all hope is lost.....by the way, how old are you?


As for the one who skipped the cut scenes entirely.....well that's just nonsensical, how do you play games with story lines?

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iam with mooseoh here. there is just no story, only scripted fragments of some bad bad narrations with allways the same topic: take this guy out. i mean even reading the package description of a chocosnack might be more informativ. i don't feel with niko, cause niko isn't a part of the gameworld. like said before, EVERYONE could done this in the same way. if you do something wrong or make a unexpected move you are faced with the "repeat again" message. IF the devs were not so stringent in their "story telling" than maybe you could get more options to complete a mission and therefore you could give niko a personal touch, based on your decisions. but maybe iam thinking way too far here...

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there's nothing to see just move along

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Fail trolls. The story was better than any other. You're just fa**ot fan boys who can't help but

suck at a new gen game. The IV storyline actually had background and detail from beginning,

middle and end and it keeps actual intelligent people intrigued. Seriously you look at Vice City

and go "wow this is awesome". It's some guy who basically landed in a scene with no story

as a background and you go on from there. And now San Andreas, there's an awesome back-

ground. He left his family and came back because his mother died, but then the storyline got

f*cking retarded and he ended up being a government secret agent who was once a gang

banger. The IV storyline is perfect, understandable and in tune with the games atmosphere.

Stop crying, stop making accounts and flaming IV and just go play your sh*tty five year old


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Well, if you don't watch the cuscenes you should blame yourself. The cutscenes are awesome, and I cant understand why you skip them.


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