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.flv to .mp4


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I need a video conversion tool for the Mac. I need it to go from .FLV to .MP4 or .AVI. And The program is needed for the Mac. Thanks!

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As simple as that!

This is going to sound really dumb.


Do you know where I can download it online? Or does it come with OS X?

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It comes with either final cut or logic. Use google to look them up.

Sorry if I didn't make it clear. I want something that is always Free.

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I got my mix of tools via the CD Rom that Maximum PC puts out, that's all PC and not Mac I suspect, then there's PC World magazine as well, they have their software all linked to their site for reference, how about Major Geeks?

When in doubt, Google tounge.gif

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I use DVDVideoSoft, comes with many handy tools such as converting YouTube videos to a number of video and audio formats.

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Alright, the free route is often more fun anyhow. First of all, get perian.




That lets you screw around with a lot of new video formats via quicktime. It's fan-f*cking-tastic.

Next, download the newest version of MPEGstreamclip. It's an amazing little program that's gotten me out of many horrible situations. tounge.gif





MPEGstreamclip is very straightforward to use. Open up the FLV, then go File>Export Quicktime. In the options dialog, choose mp4 (or any other preset that may match a device you've got, like Ipod or PSP) and there you go.

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Perian is amazing. It basically turns quicktime into VLC, but it's not a buggy piece of sh*t.

Definitely. I really wish there was a PC version. So simple!

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