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farewell,my love


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Ok look i m a very very bad driver in gta_sa i did the first racing mission of wu zi mu but i cant do the 2nd mission of cesar anyone can help me suicidal.gif

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Just try and do the same thing you did in "Wu Zi Mu." If you can't do it, request an SnP.

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In all the mission Races...

You don't need to have any special skill level...

A good vehicle that doesn't easily 'spin-out' is needed. It doesn't have to especially fast either.


The trick in the mission races is to avoid hitting the other racers. Don't spin-out, Don't crash.


If you play nice the other drivers will do the spining out and crashing to let you win.


Do, take short-cuts. Use the Hand Brake on sharp turns. Cut the pylons (you don't have to drive through them, if you're close enough the pylon will register. Experience will tell you how close you must be.)


Cool it. You don't have to kill yourself to win.

Practice using the Pimping Missions and the Taxi Missions. Even the Medic and Fire missions will improve your driving skills and make a few coins too.

Play it smooth and easy. Don't stress yourself.

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