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Games FREEZING Since Xbox Update!


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I have had 3 multiplayer games freeze up and get a white screen ever since the update I was forced to download a few hours ago. What's the deal with that??!? Anyone else had this happen so far?


Two Team Deathmatches - Game froze in the middle of the session - white screen

Noose - Game froze


Even Single Player froze twice tonight. This never happened until I downloaded the patch today.



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%$@ just happened again!


My $hi+ was fine before this update.


I will post screenshots if I can shortly.


This update f'd up my game!



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6th time. Another freeze. Done. Returning the game to the store.

I'm finished w/ it.


R* has screwed up again. I had not a single issue with online play except the usual lag until this update.

user posted image


rebooted and it froze again...


user posted image

..that was single player before I could even play again.


Thanks for f'ing up my game Rockstar! I was forced to update to your untested crap.


Can't wait till COD 5 comes out. C YA! confused.gif

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