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WTF?(lol another WTF? topic XD)


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did this happen to many other people?


i went on top of the LCPD(algoquin) station to get the annihilator but there was no dead body with 3 cops(i dont care about that)

when i reached the top some guy ran out of the annihilator running faster than i could but when he tried to run down the stairs i jumped and knocked him over, he wanted to fight me so i hit him and when i killed him he dropped (edit: around) 2,000 dollars,


did it happen to anyone else?


his look:

brown, short hair

a lil overwheight

can run fast

blue jeens

black shoes

fat face

attacks fast and very agressive(like 2 punches a second)

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I seen this person before, never killed him though.

Currently have 10 cookies


Member of MAHFSWWM and The Society of the Black Spot.

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Making unsubstantiated claims on the internet is funny and makes your genitals more potent.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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dude thats honestly no joke... i tried to see him again


idk if it was a glitch or whatever but all who dont believe fail

and i just asked if anyone else had this happen, not what you think about it...


edit: oh and btw peter_G your sig fails because i have only seen you wearing it XD

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Useless to explain a ped's look. You rarely get the same ped to do something twice, because they're randomly generated clothing and face sets.


And it's really nothing that rare. I often find peds with tons of money on them.

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Speaking about that, again, you missed a great interview with Aaron Garbut the week the game released. He mentioned the ped packs they used.

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