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ranked match?


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well have i understood something wrong, skipped anything or just dumb?


how can i start a ranked match(maybe i always started one but never and unranked...)


anyway how do i start any of these(just in case i've always done ranked ones...)

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you mean like your own where ur host? or just join one?


To be host: Just press "Back"(360) and maybe "Select"?(ps3), while in game lobby. and go to the type of match u want in, and keep doing this til ur host.


To Join a Ranked Match: Press up for phone, A(360) or X(PS3) to go to the menu, then scroll til u see "Multiplayer" and then u either select "Player Match" or "Ranked" go to ranked for the ranked match.

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oh lol so i didnt know how, thanks(have never checked that section of the phone)


well and for the host, just choose custom match and 1 private spot

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All matches are ranked on PS3.

It's only on X-Box 360 that you actually choose ranked or not.

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