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Vertical Bird


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can any one help me on Vertical Bird on xbox i getto the boats and then i cash and blow up can any one give me any hints or pointers thanks ever so much

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Switch back to Hover when you go for the boats.

Then you can do-for-them like at the Flying School with the choper.

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Dude daviesere, for the mission vertical bird you should be perfect in flying. when you get to the boats after destroying the jets fly as low as possible but dont fly too low because the risk of jet coming in contact with the water is high. so just fly a bit high but you must be able to see the boats. when you get to them press 'S', or your braking button hard so that the engine slows down, now maintain your height and lock on the boats and press numpad 0/ins as many times as possible when the aimer turns red. this means you've fired homing missiles and these will hit the boats. you need atleast 3 missiles to destroy the boats. do this and you must be fine. remember slowing down and locking will help rather going at full speed and locking. In the former's case you'll get more time to lock on. Good luck icon14.gif

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