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On Cops 'n Crooks...


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On Cops 'n Crooks does anyone else (if your the boss) jump into the water and swim out to a boat and just go around the land to the 'getaway' vehicle?


I do, lol... i find it much easier! But i only ever do it when i'm the boss, as i find my team-mates can't defend me against machine guns, lol.


It seems an easier option on some of them, as on some the cops are only down the road, and are 'on you' within seconds of the game starting.


Are there any other easy ways?



Just thought i'd ask.

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Sorry for going a little of topic, but I think this tactick ruins gameplay.

Il agree with you that the starting positions are uneven.

But whats cool about cops and croocks are the carchases in my opinion.


There is a helicopter spawning to, dont remember were. But I only go for it if im a coop and the boss is either at sea or has a long headstart.


But if the boss went for the spawning chopper it would be imposible to stop him.

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the boat is a good strategy. and if im cops, i watch for it so i dont think it is unfair. if you see the crooks hanging out or headed towards the shoreline, they r looking for a boat. if they are swimming int he water htey are dead because if you see them you can just toastt hem. if they get on the boat, there is usually another one nearby. also, just think about where they are going and meet them there.

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No offense but I think this is a lame tactic.

Even though I'm still calling it that, a tactic.


I have a bit of understanding if you're backed up into a tight spot by the cops and have no protection, and decide to jump into the water and swim to another part of town (IF it's nearby) but not if you take a dive in the very beginning then look for a boat.


These things are what make the game unfair.

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