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teh rippah

I'm having trouble finding the random characters.

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teh rippah

so i restarted the game after i got the book for it. and right off the bat, it starts talking about the first random character, Brian.


it says "Look for the blue Random Character icon on the radar and approach Brian standing alone on the sidewalk."


i never saw any blue RC icon on my radar, but i just happened to stumble across him for the 1st encounter, after looking forever around Roman's cab depot. but now i'm trying to find him for the second encounter, which is south of my safehouse, and i can't find him again. i've been looking for 30 minutes. there is no blue icon on the radar. i'm looking in the book and it shows a pic from the scond encounter of me talking to Brian, and by looking at the city background in the pic, i'm in the exact spot where i should meet him. and according to the book, the only prerequisites for finding him are to complete Roman's mission It's Your Call, and the first encounter with Brian.


is Brian alwayz in the same spot, or does he walk around?, and why can't i see these blue Random Character icons? help plz.

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Just give it some more time and check. Thats what i did, and he was there.

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Brian is not always in the same spot. The second time you find him, he'll be at Comrads bar by your safehouse. The third time you meet him is downtown if I remember correctly. Somewhere near the Arch. This is all in your book BTW.


Also, keep in mind that they don't appear for the next encounter immediately. Save your game or let Niko nap, and they should show up. Also keep in mind that they only show on the radar and not the map screen. On the PS3, you can press the down arrow on your controller and briefly expand the range of your radar.

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SprayK 47

go back at different times. Thats what i did. OR litterally make niko just stand their whilst you do something else.. but check back every 5-1O mins.. he should appear eventually smile.gif

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Marzipan Man

Wait a few ingame days and he should pop up. I'm stuck on Jeff 2, he doesn't call!

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