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Grand Theft Auto: Reaper


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Roy Hudson was a cameraman at Channel 7. He lived in the Santa Maria side of Los Santos. He worked on the show "WEIRD ANIMALS". He started filming the host Hunter Gray. They were at the shore of the beach.


Roy: We begin in 3... 2... 1

Hunter: Hi! Welcome to weird animals! Today we're tryin to find the odd blue lobster.


Then all of a sudden a small parasitic blue leech jumped on Hunter's face.


Hunter: Holy sh*t


Roy looked around and noticed that all the people on the beach were getting their faces burned off by parasites. Roy moved the camera towards his face and he started running toward the dock.


Roy (to the camera): Hello I'm Roy Hudson. If you have found this camera you probably know what the hell is going on. If my wife sees this, hon I LOVE YOU!


Roy ran towards a supermarket near just south of the Vinewood sign. It was called the 6 tree market. He started counting the tree to count TEN!


Roy: What? Ten?


A loud noise echoed the streets. It was a giant four foot monster that was hiding behind the 6 trees. Roy then saw five of those giants eating the Vinewood sign in the distance. Helicopters and tanks came into the city. Two soldiers came out of a jeep.


Soldier #1: Sir, leave this area now!

Roy: No! What the hell is that?

Soldier #2: I have to use force


The soldier hit Roy against the head with a M-16. Right before Roy knocked out he said...


Roy: What was that for? (he then fell unconsciouses)

Soldier #2 : Just my job!


When Roy woke all the humans were burnt and dead. Screaming was heard in the distance. Now only one huge brown four-legged creature stayed standing in front of the super market. He found a dead soldier next to him. He grabbed grenades. He ran for a super market cart.


Roy: Die you smelly bas*ard!


He threw the cart into it's leg knocking it over. He grabbed the grenades and blew up the monsters face. Roy sighed and ran to a banshee.






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The Unvirginiser

We have another "Epic Threads" Candidate...

This is really a GTA? GTA: Cloverfield?

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If this is what my story inspires, it brings tears to my eyes. Not tears of sorrow, or tears of happiness, tears of AWESOME.


This is definitely already epic. I want more, immediately.

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thanx for the positive feed back i will post chapter 2 tomorrow now im gonna finish reading

GTA Conclusion i cant put it down

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Weird animals? Running from SMB to Vinewood? Big blue leech? Face-burning parasites?


I'll personally bomb Rockstar if they ever make a GTA like this.

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Weird animals? Running from SMB to Vinewood? Big blue leech? Face-burning parasites?


I'll personally bomb Rockstar if they ever make a GTA like this.

You don't know what your talking about. This is FLAWLESS.

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Weird animals? Running from SMB to Vinewood? Big blue leech? Face-burning parasites?


I'll personally bomb Rockstar if they ever make a GTA like this.

You don't know what your talking about. This is FLAWLESS.

Maybe for one a script-style sequel to those Michael Hamburger stories.

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The Unvirginiser
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Something tells me that this guy has a grudge against Cubinwhip


Also the stories terrible. So freakin childish. He went to the 6 tree supermarket and it was so action packed because he counted 10 instead of 6! bored.gif

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Roy noticed he needed supplies before going off into L.S. in a banshee. He ran into the market. He grabbed a paint ball gun, hockey stick and a chainsaw. He was ready to leave when he heard an odd noise. It sounded like URRRRRRRRRRR!


Roy: What the hell was that?


Soon it sound like a million things were echoing URRRRRRRRRRR! Roy looked around to see zombie-like humans looking kind of retarded walking around in circles. The had squid-type parasites on their heads making them under the parasite's control. The zombies also had sharp fangs.


Roy (thought): Oh! Crap! How the hell am supposed to get outta this. Oh, right my chainsaw. (he revved it twice)


Roy (now speaking): Let's go bi**ches! Say hi to Satan for me!!!!!!!!!


Roy ran into the gang of zombies and sliced and slid limbs and throats. Green and purple blood was splashing everywhere. The blood was kind-of like acid. It burned everything. A man in the corner came running in with a golf club and a metal baseball bat. His name was Bill.


Bill: I'll help you! (as more zombies came into the glass doors, Bill started smacking their faces in with the golf club.


Roy: Nice Job! (Roy clutched his paint ball gun and fired as the two made their way to the black Banshee).


There next stop was to find survivors.


Bill: Dude, I'm hungry


Roy: Dammit, Bill we just passed a Burger Shot, you coulda said something.


Bill: I wasn't hungry then


Roy: You're like a bitchy little girl. Fine let's go to that sub shop near Pro-Laps.


The two went inside the sub shop to see a little girl named Sarah Phillipe crying.

Roy: Little girl why are you crying?


Sarah: My mom's been in the bathroom for hours.


Roy: And you're worried. I'll go check.


Roy walked into the bathroom after knocking twice.


Roy: Holy Sh*t!


The mom was a zombie-esque creature who was eating Carl Johnson (from SA).


Roy: I'll leave you to your meal


Roy then shut the door and put a chair behind the knob.


Roy: Yeah! I doubt she's coming. How bout you eat some pickles or Doritos?


Sarah nodded and grabbed a handful of pickles and put them in her pocket. Roy filled his vest pockets with oatmeal cookies. A loud noise and gunfire was heard in the distance. The sub shop's power went out.


Roy: Just my f***ing luck!!!!!!!!!!!!







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Roy, Bill, and Sarah walked outside the sub shop. There was no power in a ten-mile radius. Thinking on his feet, Bill grabbed his lighter. Roy noticed the gunfire had stopped but the screams were getting louder and louder.


Bill: What's just flew over us?


Roy: What are you talking about?


Bill: Those black birds?


Roy: Those aren't birds?


They were bats. But freaking huge bats that when they bit poison entered your blood stream. The trio began to run towards the banshee when a flying police car fell on top of the banshee. It wasn't "flying", it was that a 12 foot enormous black-and-red thing that kinda looked like a T-Rex from Jurassic Park. It was using its tail two throw cars.


Roy: I know why the bullets stopped.


Bill: Roy get a gun, I'll distract this S.O.B.


Roy: Alright.


Roy ran rapidly towards a flipped over jeep. The passenger soldier was dead, but the driver was just injured. The soldier was trying get out of the jeep but his legs were wedge into a the seat.


Roy: Let me help you


Soldier: No! I can do this myself. Just get the G-36


Roy: Okay.


Roy grasped the G-36 tightly and began to spray at the monster's head. The monster didn't notice it was getting hit. It went towards Sarah. It was to kill.


Bill: Get back here ba*tard!!!


The monster didn't care. He was going to eat Sarah.


Roy: Dude, I'm outta ammo.


Bill then jumped in front Sarah and he was eaten. Sarah cried. The tail of the monster flipped the jeep again but into the correct position. The soldier drove right into monster knocking it over. A huge spike rammed itself into the creature. That was a mistake. When it's head came out little 2-inch green things came running out of it's head. If they bit you, you become a zombie. Thousands started rushing out of its head.


CHAPTER 4 coming soon


Cubanwhip you are my favorite writer here at WD

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Cubanwhip you are my favorite writer here at WD

I doubt you even read the full story

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I READ the first 2 sagas yesterday and i'l finish 3rd one today

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The duo decided to leave Los Santos. They entered a black Greenwood and they were heading towards San Fierro. Roy turned on the radio to hear that people in Liberty City are zombies and that Carcer City is currently being infected. The only safe place is Vice City. They once they reached San Fierro. Everyone were on flights on the Easter Bay Airport or on ferry boats to Vice.


Roy: We gotta get to Vice tonight.


Sarah: I'm sorry Bill died for me.


Roy: Sarah he died saving you. You should be proud of Bill.


Sarah: You're right.


They got outta there car to find themselves with an old friend, 8-Ball.


Roy: Oh My God! Eight! It's me Roy.


8-Ball: Yo dawg, what happened to you.


Roy: Long story.


8-Ball: Hey homie, I gotta private jet we can use.


Roy: Sweet! Let's get on it.


8-Ball: One prob.


Roy: Which is?


8-Ball: My pilots dead. I can't fly.


Roy: Fine. I'll do it. I haven't flown since the war. Okay let's do it.


They ran behind the gates of the Easter Bay Airport and were getting into 8-Ball's private jet.


Roy: Next Stop, Escobar International.

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i'll post the next chapter later today but someone please comment on my story so-far is it good or does it suck?

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8-Ball's jet was going towards Escobar International. They were relaxed, putting the incident behind them.


Roy: Oh! Man! Eight! What hell's going on?


8-Ball: Look man! Sh*t's f*cked up! We gots to deal with it.


Roy: Fine. Atleast those shenanigans won't happen in V.C.


Then all of sudden, the plane was gonna land. They were greeted with an old friend. The 12-foot freaking giant. He smacked the plane with his tale sending it the jet spiraling chaotically.


Roy: Holy f*ck!


Sarah: Roy, I'm scared!


The plane's lights flickered. They landed on the Leaf Links Country Club. Golfers were running out of the club. The plane's door crashed off. The trio ran out looking like a drunken uncle at a party.


8-Ball: God Da**it! Is that f*cking Godzilla?


Roy: Who gives a f*ck! Run!


They all ran. They found an abandoned admiral. 8-Ball hot wired the car.


8-Ball: Don't ask me how I can hot wire a car.


Roy: I don't care. Let's go!!!!!!


They started driving towards the giant bridge. The reached Little Haiti just in time before the thing broke the bridge in half.


Sarah (in the back seat): Turn on the radio!


Roy: I'm on it.


Roy turned on to the local news radio station.


Host: It seems, giant comets are hitting America with strange unidentified life-forms on them. No one should try to be a hero! Stay home and do not try to reached love ones! If you come in contact with a being it will perish if you exterminates its head!!!!!!!!!!


Roy: You heard him we should be indoors!


8-Ball: F*ck That!


All of a sudden a wave of tranquilizers hit all three of them.



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The three were taped to chairs in dark bloody room. There was man in a tuxedo, who had a cockney mixed with a Boston accent. He was Mr.X but by his superiors he was Blue. Blue greeted Roy, who was the first to wake up from the deep sleep.


Blue/Mr.X: Hello there Mr.Hudson


Roy:Who are you?


Blue/Mr.X: I'm truly sorry but my company doesn't give me the liberty express that information.


Roy: What do you want from me?


Blue/Mr.X: I need you to help me.




Blue/Mr.X: Because I need some one to run the Uni-Force.


Roy: What the f*ck is the Uni-Force


Blue/Mr.X: A group of people who a keep the peace in this universe. Do you really think humans or the only life forms in this galaxy. Please Mr.Hudson answer this do you know what AREA 69 is?


Roy: A fake hangar in Las Venturas.


Blue/Mr.X: Fake? No it is as real as you and me. So I have hand-picked you to fight these monstrosities. Due to your record in the war.


Roy: Fine but what will you do to my friends?


Blue/Mr.X: Erase their memories. They will never know who was Roy Hudson or what happened on this day. Now here are your weapons. (He hands Roy a gigantic duffel bag which holds an RPG, an M-16, a nectar-gun that makes those green thing explode, a Winchester lever action shotgun and a Beretta pistol.)


The Next Chapter will begin the countdown to an awesome action-packed bloody pimp story.

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The Unvirginiser
Haven't read a thing of this. Phenomenal, truly.

Agreed 100%

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I love this story. It's grade A awesome.

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- deleted -


The story is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E but i did get a few laughs out of it. Like when he went to the 6 tree market and instead of 6 trees there was 10.

Edited by Carbine23
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Roy was ready to kick alien ass. He had huge guns, a bad ass soundtrack in his I-pod and angry look on his face. He went two Starfish Island. He was riding shotgun (passenger seat) in a jeep filled with soldiers.


Pvt. Speed: Hello, Roy.


Roy: Hi?


Pvt. Speed: You don't remember me?


Roy: No.


Pvt. Speed:: You and me helped my mute brother Claude in the war.


Roy: Oh yeah! Freddie! Now I remember you!


And then a huge wave aliens beat the living crap of the jeep. It flipped over and crashed inside Tommy Vercetti's house. Ken Rosenberg went into hiding.


Tommy: What the hell? Oh crap! Aliens!!!!!!


Roy got out of the car and noticed a new kind of enemy. They were like the zombies at the market only instead of fangs they were giving off some kinda signal.


Roy: What the... Owwwwwwww!


The signal was used to mess up human brains.


Pvt. Speed: Damn!!!! Ahhhhhh!


Tommy came outside with a huge M-16 with and a grenade launcher.


Tommy: Take this E.T.!!!!!!!!!!!!


Using Tommy as a distraction, Roy got his nectar-gun. He started exploding aliens. Guts and flesh was going every where.


Tommy: Hey! That was my Armani suit! B*tches!!!


Pvt. Speed got the gunner of the jeep and started killing wave after wave of extra-terrestrial beings. More comets were landing in Vice. The humans were out numbered.




A horde of pissed off humans with melee weapons came rushing Starfish Island. Mr.X/Blue had two nectar guns and was leading the mob. Also more Uni-Force officers showed.


Suddenly a huge mother ship floated just above the island. A light sucked Roy, Pvt. Speed, Tommy, Ken Rosenberg and Mr. X/Blue.


Tune For the Next Chapter!



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Apparently you don't know the meaning of sarcasm little kid.


The story is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E

Apparently, you think I'm being sarcastic. This story is absolutely amazing. And if you think it's terrible, then you should take a trip with me to a strip club where I will dress you in pink tights and make you pole dance while singing "Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO.


GTAwarrior. This story is f*cking awesome.

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Danny Phoenix

I think Cubanwhip means, "It's so bad, it's awesome."

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The Unvirginiser
I think Cubanwhip means, "It's so bad, it's awesome."


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i'll keep writing 2morrow im done 4 2day its my dads bday

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