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getting banned


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(1) What type of things can you get banned for?

(2) What is the shortest time you can be banned for?


Thanks for any answers given:rollerball34 smile.gif

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• No pornography (linking to or directly posting any media containing nudity or sex)

• No warez/piracy (linking to, requesting or discussion of illegally obtaining copyrighted material)

• No advertising (a link in your sig is fine, but posting a topic about your site or PM'ing members with links to your site is not). Referral links of any nature also fall under this category.

• No flaming (Antagonistic, slanderous, racist, or sexist comments will not be tolerated)

• No 'ripping' (stealing other people's work and claiming it as your own; be it sig images or game mods)

• Signatures must be of a reasonable size (click here for guidelines and details)

• No impersonating forum staff, other members, or Rockstar employees. In other words, no making fake accounts with other people's names.

• Never open multiple accounts, unless you have a legit reason. Members found using multiple accounts to abuse the forums will be taken care of appropriately.


Remember, you are a guest on a free service. Our moderators and admins reserve the right to remove you from GTAForums at any time for any reason. You have no rights and may make no demands.


Temporary bans can be issued on the hour scale. I'm not sure if it accepts decimals but I don't think so and I see no reason to try.

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