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I recently just bought a Sony Bravia 1080p with an HDMI cable, but i did not buy the PS3 HDMI cable, because the guy told me that you don't need to. My question is do you need the PS3 HDMI or is their any difference, because my PS3 is still running at 480i, and when I try to set the HDMI it just does the blank screen. Any help would be appreciated

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You cannot use the HDMI channel on your TV if you are not using the HDMI cable. You need the HDMI cable in order to use the HDMI channel on your TV.


You need to buy the HDMI cable, or keep playing with whatever connection you are using now.

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Any HDMI cable will work. Doesn't have to be SONY. Plug it in to your PS3 and the TV, and turn the to HDMI, set the PS3 to HDMI out and you should be set.

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