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Rockstar said that you could virtually go anywhere without seeing the same ped twice, inless it was really the same ped. Is this true?

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I haven't been paying close enough attention.

I'm sure that can't be right. I hope it's not right.

That would mean they spent to much time on peds,

and not enough time on the game. confused.gif



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i think when you look at the peds in the area your in they will have differant clothing but it's not city wide

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f*ck no it's not true. I've seen 3 of the same ped on a street once, along with seeing the same peds numerous times.

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I've seen duplicated peds on the street at the same time, BUT, their clothes have been different colours, so it sort of made up for it.


I don't really notice it often though, it's very rarely happened to me.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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