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damn ps3 update


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well theres no real forum for that and heres the best place to ask it since it regards GTA IV multiplayer:


the new 2.36 update is released and for some reason my router had to screw up today so my ps3 downloads it at...1% every 5 min



i cant play multiplayer until i havent updated my ps3 so can anyone please link me to the update so i can download it on my removable disc sad.gif


wipedidupedidu!! half an hour and i reached 6%!!!


edit: its not illegal btw(doh the update is free so why should it...)

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Last night nobody can find a game with more than 2 people in it, today we need to update. Might have to do with multiplayer?


Dude, reset your router. I don't mean unplug it and plug it back in, I mean take a toothpick and hit the tiny reset button on the back.


Just started my update, already at 52%

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i looked for the crappy reset button everywhere and im afraid to cancel the 21% gone through(bah!)


edit: superjude thanks for trying but i didnt see that coming: the reset button bricked my router(i called edimax and my internet hosts and they said its bricked) so i have to replace it, i was like "wtf?!"


now im screwed, im trying anything right now

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This is a sub-category but still on topic...


Just wanted to put a link to a blog post from Eric Lempell (Director, PlayStation Network Operations) talking about the 2.40 firmware update. I believe it is actually going to happen.


Click Here

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