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I feel like sharing with you all, so I present you with a little tip on Derrick McReary's mission "Smackdown".


Anyways, do everything as usual until you get to Sligo's home. Once there, do not take on his men. Instead, pull out your phone, and call for the police. Once they arrive on the scene, you should try to make Sligo's men shoot at you (you're not shooting back, of course), this will attract the police's attention, and a war between Sligo's men and the police will begin. Once you can get one team of police attacking your targets, the rest is easy, just dial like mad and have about 4-5 police cars show up on the scene. They will join their fellows in battle. All this time, you can just wait in your car, enjoy the war, then once the men are all dead, escape the wanted-ring.


I hope you guys found this little tip useful. Thanks for your time.


EDIT: Ugh, I just realized I posted in the wrong section. Mods, move it if you'd like.

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Cool, thanx 4 the tip. Do you know any other missions where you can do this ????

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Infinite Monkey

Should work for any mission where there are a lot of touchy goons on the perimiter. - what's that mission where you have to fight your way up the tower-blocks? Anyway; it worked there.

There comes a point though when you are waiting for all the cops to die so you can get stuck in!


If you're in a police car; you can call for backup and they send two cars.





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