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Armour and Bodyarmour


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I want to change the armour you see as a pickup and at the amunation, with a new one, but i see that in game the mesh is changed but the texture no.

I know that the texture name is "gun_armour" and i know that in game the armour.txd is not used.

Can anybody help me with that? if you know where i can find the texture the armour.dff uses. please help !

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armour.txd for the anmu-nation armour.

icons5.txd or icons7.txd (i don't remember) for the armour pick up.

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Thanks man! This realy helped me ! Here are some cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif 's for U

The mod is ready and U are in the credits list. Coming soon with the link alien.gif

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