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One shot, one kill


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I was recently trying out the sniper rifle while messing around, and I actually had the police looking everywhere for me. They even called in the helicopter as I filed through their men one by one. The best place to successfully snipe in my opinion is algonquin, because here you can hinder their helicopter support because of the buildings. I've even seen police choppers crash into skyscrapers countless times, once landing on the police below. It's awesome how the cops have to look for you now, but they still somehow magically know where you generally are. In my escape, I fled to one of the oil refinery places and found a nice dark corner to jump into. I switched to my M4 Carbine and aimed at the approaching police, but they couldnt see me! They actually walked right past, turned around and started back. I went another route and beat them back to one of their Patriots and made a slick escape.

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It's awesome how the cops have to look for you now, but they still somehow magically know where you generally are.

This, in my opinion, is the single best advance R* has made on the GTA franchise. It is annoying how at times they can "magically know" where you are, but it's pretty rare. Generally, they all flock to the last place where you were witnessed committing a crime. I've seen the radar hot-spot change after I've killed someone, but change centered to where I was when I killed, not my current location. I absolutely love this, and at times when I decide to foot it out through alleyways rather than just drive out, I feel the blood-rush of being a fugitive, I love it! I've had many times where I hide somewhere, waiting for a cop to drive or walk by before running out.


The only serious weakness of this wanted system that I've seen is that cops don't actually need line-of-sight, they only need to not have buildings between you and them (ie. you can't hide behind cars, short walls or dumpsters without being seen).


Well done R* biggrin.gif

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