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what mod, and where can i get it (gta sa dogfight)

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IT tells you in the description:



it's made by ryosuke:





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oh sweet. thanks, i can't really read japanease tho, so i didnt know. Thank you!

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That link gives the hydra missile mod but not the dogfight script. Looks awesome! Gotta find it!


Found it http://mandb.hmc5.com/sb/log/eid98.html


no cleo though

Edited by Deviant

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Yeah I noticed that too, so i just asked the dude on youtube what his link was and he gave me this

English Version


This is the Translated Version of the Readme (i counldn't translate it myself because i didnt have the right "characters" so it was just a bunch of symbols, not japanease symbols, like happy faces, aces, and stuff. So if you guys need to know what it says but can't translate it. here

Courtesy of MBServerJP:

--What's this?

It's a mod script for GTA SanAndreass. With replacing the "main.scm" to play with DogFight mission. Infinity Hydra appears and targeting you. Try keep destroying Hydras and survive longer.




Useualy GTA SanAndreass is install at here

"C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas\"


go in to "data\script\"


KEEP THE ORIGINAL "main.scm" BACKUP! for example, rename to "original main.scm".

you will need when you want to play regulary.


copy my dogfight script "main.scm" there.


*Advice : When you want to know which is the original and some otherscript(like this dogfight script), you can guess from file size.

the original script has 2.93MB(3,079,599 bytes) and my script is only 45.2KB(46,312 bytes).


--Game Starting

Start GTA SanAndreass.

Chose "New Game" to begin.

When you see scenery and some music, Press jump key to start.

Dogfight mission begins, Have a Fun smile.gif


*Advice : the text written "two wheel double bonus..." is score display. "$?" is the number of enemy, "Distance:?" is the number of destroyed enemy and "Time:?" is surviveing time.

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tht link doesnt exist sad.gif does anyone still know link for dogfight (main.scm) mod ?

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How to switch to thermal vision in dogfight improved missile mod of gta:sa? bored.gifbored.gifbored.gif

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