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crazy unplanned car-chases


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I was rollin in my infernus the other day, front-end shaped like a wedge of cheese, blood from the previous owner still on the windsheild (cuz that's how I roll baby! Genetically! Different!) and I saw another infernus. In a moment of greedy rage, I decided that nobody else should have one, so I lined myself up behind him and tried to shoot the bastard. The infernus, being so low to the ground, is not an easy car to shoot from, and I missed. But the guy bolted! I chased him for a good two minutes and got a parade of cops after me before I finally gunned him down.


The thing is, he was just a random driver. But he was sitting on the same amount of power I was and he was a good driver. smile.gif The car chase was loads of fun, and all I had to do to start it was take a shot at him.

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...yeah...the somewhat random happenings are what keep me playing this game...the endless chain of events that can happen from a few well timed (or not) gunshots or a grenade are awesome...


but the question is....


did you get away from the cops with your newly acquired infernus ? biggrin.gif

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