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ok so I completed Ivan the not so terrible for Vlad.According to all the gta 4 walkthroughs my next mission will be for little Jacob.my question is am i going to recieve a phone call from Jacob or what? I've played a little bit in the past few days, i've done all the cab jobs for roman and hungout with him.There is nowhere on the map pointing me to a mission, just my safe house and the stores I can go to.I've even tried calling little jacob and vlad, but no answer.how to I get into my next mission???

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Have you not got any mission markers on your map at all. The LJ one may be hard to see. Hes usually north west of the pool place. When i had the LJ marker on my map i also had the Brucie marker.

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Have you met little Jacob yet? If you have not met him then you will meet him through a mission for Roman. If you have already met him then either try calling him yourself or just wait and he will send you a text message or a phone call.

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