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Bomb da Base II


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.............stop trying to land the helicopter on the ship. It makes it much more dangerous. Yes, it saves time, but it leaves you wide open to gun fire and I nearly always lose a life before going inside. There is a much safer spot just to the north of the ship to land.



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It's not actually that dangerous.

Whenever I get the chance to fly the helicopter, I always land on the back of the ship.

There are no enemies you need to kill on the back, and I've also noticed that if you land on the back of the ship and you get killed by one of the guys inside the ship, you re-spawn on the boat, so it's quicker for you to get back in the action.



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If you're a half decent player, you can land on the ship and each have 30+ kills with 0 deaths, e.g. me and a friend of mine.

It's a pretty easy mission at any difficulty setting, that's why I had a time of 4:01! Ironically, this involved

many cases of suicide (stupid truck being spawned NW of me!!)

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I was more on about people "crash landing" it, in any convenient spot. Yeah, the back of the ship is fine if you're good enough. I just hate kids that think they can land it slap bang in enemy territory and come out of it alive.

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I can put a chopper on the front of the ship awfully quick, and a graceful landing too. Everyone gets out, and 2 go left around the bridge, 2 go right (or the pilot goes for the bridge by landing on the roof). Works really good if you're going for that time record.

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