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WMP Library

Fozzy Fozborne

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Fozzy Fozborne

Everything was working fine yesterday, then I installed the new updates for XP and shut down my pc for the night. This morning I turn on my computer and for some reason Windows Media Player will not show my library nor can I update it. When I open WMP, it says "There are no items in the library yet - the Player is searching for digital media files in the background" and under it it says "Click here to add files". I click on it and I add a folder and click ok. Then the box goes away and it goes back to WMP like nothing ever happened.


I've tried deleting the library file, but that didn't help. Does anyone have any other recommendations?

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Try reinstalling Windows Media Player again, that might help sort it out, although if you're like me you like to keep a record of play count, you'll lose this, but it seems like this will sort it.



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Fozzy Fozborne

Oops, forgot to mention that I already reinstalled WMP. Still has the same issue.


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Fozzy Fozborne

Followed it carefully and deleted all the files and still same error. WMP still plays files fine I don't know why the stupid library is completely screwed up.


AH!!!!!! This solution fixed my problem. (Not the original posting on the site, but Asagron's posting about 2/3 the way down the page. Now WMP is adding all my media to its library again.


Thanks a lot for the help guys.

Edited by Fozzy Fozborne
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Fozzy Glad ! you got it fixed that's what is important. icon14.gif Microsoft needs to get on the ball with this it seems a lot of users are experiencing this same type of problem.

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