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Stuck - Undress to Kill...Game Glitch?


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Was hoping someone here can help.


I have finished the "Undress to Kill" mission, and apparently am waiting on a call from the Lawyers.


As per Francis' instructions, I sent the CV over to the Lawyers. Apparently they're supposed to call me to set up a date/time for the interview.


However, this isn't happening. It's been weeks of real time - nothings happening for me.


I can't call any other characters other than my floozies (Michelle, Kiki) as well as Brucie (Races) and Roman (Hang out).


All the other calls go directly to answering machines. I tried to call the Lawyers, same deal.


There is nothing I can do! I have a suit, patiently waiting but I'm starting to think this game is over for me.


Any helpful hints would be appreciated - I just hope I didn't waste all that time because I really have to work to get this far - it's taken me over a month due to "time restrictions".


Thanks guys

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I thought that mission was called "The final interview". Anyway, i'm currently on this mission and i recieved my call within 2 game days of sending of my resume. I can only think you may have missed the call. Have you checked your organizer. Even if you fail to arrive at the first interview time they will call again to arrange another.

If, like you say, you have not recieved the call or the note in the organizer then i would say the mission is glitched. Your only option is to start from an auto save.

I had a glitch in the first mission involving you making a choice of life or death. You know the one with the guy hanging on the roof top. Well i decided to stand on his hands but when the camera moved to the ground he didn't fall. When that cutscene finnished i saw my Niko making a call to vlad, saying how he killed the guy, but the man was standing beside me. When i finnished talking to vlad i tried to push the guy of the roof. I succeded in doing so but i fell of after him. And yes i died.

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there seems to be a glitch

I'm having a similar problem on crime and punishment and read several other posts about the same kind of problem. waiting for a phone call, no mission to play, can't call anyone, no messages


supraoxy posted a similar problem being 30% done

he said he's going to call rockstar later to complain

check out that thread later and see if supraoxy gets any info from rockstar

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This doesn't have anything to do with Undress to Kill. That's a mission for Dwayne where you take his "gentleman's club" back from the thugs who took it over. You just go in and pop 3 managers in a strip club.


I had the final interview mission one or two days ago and I remember it wouldn't let me go in the marker if I had glasses on, even if I had a suit. I ended up just "heimlich-maneuvering" myself against a taxi to get them off.


Fistinface: I had a glitch in that same mission too. I tried to save the guy but couldn't. The button wouldn't respond. So I tried to kill him and it wouldn't let me either. I ended up just shooting him.

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