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main missions complete?


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I've just downloaded a save which is only 29% complete, last mission succeeded was "stuntboat challenge". Now, I've just gone over to the film studio, and the next mission there is "recruitment drive". Going by this, it would seem I only have side-missions to do - on the map, I only have tommys' mansion, the asset icons, the cuban icon, and the various save/shop icons. Does it seem like the storyline missions for me are complete?

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It is possible to complete the game "story" with as little as about 20% done-- you just need to know what to skip... and avoid doing stuff-- packages, jumps, rampages, even buying safehouses count toward your %.


It is possible to not complete 2 of the asset properties and still unlock the final missions.... the film studios missions are story missions but can be left to do if the story is still complete.


So the short answer is... maybe--- impossible to know without seeing your save or you listing all that is done on your save.




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