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Slide Show of my Trip to Liberty City!


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So here some pics of my trip to LC. I met a woman on

Lovemeet.com named Pamela. Here's my story of going to see her.


I know LC is home to a lot of celebrities, but I didn't know I'd see one right off the plane!

It's my favorite boxer Mike Tyson!(He must train so hard, he has to take a nap any chance he gets.)

user posted image



My cousin Roman said I could use his bank account, because he's rich.

user posted image


So I had to earn money the hard way. (by pulling weeds in a guys yard.)

user posted image


Here's where I asked a stranger for directions. When I woke up in the

hospital, the doctor told me I said "erections". My English not so good.

user posted image


This is where I car jacked some guys. They didn't give up easily.

user posted image


I eventually crashed the car because I'm used to driving on left side of the road.

So I decided to take the train. Some smart ass kids told me to wait here.

user posted image


I once again would wake up in the hospital. Damn punk American kids!

user posted image


I finally met Pamela, or as it turns out, a lying homosexual named Brucie.

I had enough at this point and went back to Serbia with my tail between my legs.

user posted image


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Last one made my day.


This is GTAF where everyday a motherf*cker is gettin banned. Like me!

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