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PS2 GTA SA Plantinuim max drive saves


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I really need help finding a gta sa plantinum ps2 save for my max drive, game faqs hane only got a 70% one. but i need a 100% one.. p.s i need a pal one mad.gif

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I presumeyou have tried the Codejunkies Site? There is one other place, although may be outdated. If your desperate you can try loading up your ar max cd, and going into the option 'max memory.' (I think thats what it was called)But from there im sure there was an option to go through some save files that have been pre-loaded onto the cd. Basically if it's not in those two places, you've got sh*t all chance finding another bunch of save files.

Hope this was of some help

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there is none on the cd, but on the codejunkies wensite, it doesnt say weather its plantinum version

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