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My Xbox is malfunctioning. Help?!


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Hi, I'd really love some help here, if it's possible.


Last night when I played the game, I'd just finished up the mission "Portrait of a Killer". Today, when I come home, my saved game is all the way back at "Easy Fare". The Xbox erased 30+ missions; what's going on here? It's taken me weeks to get so far, so I can't imagine me not saving regularly would result in something like this. (Although I always make sure to save after most every mission.)


Has this been a problem with anyone else? Is it the game? Or is my Xbox f*cking up? And regardless of the cause, how do I fix this? confused.gif


Also, if an answer to this question has been posted at another thread, please link me to that. I did look around before posting, but I didn't get a chance to look too thoroughly.


Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Ah, i don't know what could be wrong here, if the game has loaded up and you haven't yet signed in it takes you to "the cousins bellic" but you can load it...but i cant think whats wrong here.

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