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muting p***ks


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how do i tell who is the annoying pr**k

so i can mute them is there a quicker way than just muting everone

in turn till you get the right one ?

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Pay attention in the pre-game "lobby" and look at whose speaker icon lights up when the prick talks,


user posted image


Or if you're already in game, the circle above someone's head shows the same speaker icon when they talk, so if you're within visual range of someone and the prick is talking but the person you're looking at doesn't have a speaker icon in the circle above their head, you know it isn't that person. Or conversely if the icon is lit up and no one else is talking it's obviously that person.


Probably the best way to do it in game though is wait till the prick kills someone and gets excited or gets killed and gets pissed, then just look in the top left corner and see who it was.

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