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Pink Floyd topic

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Brit Floyd, IIRC??

I want feedback on how they compare to PF and the Aussie cover band.

It is, indeed, Brit Floyd. They are incredible. I'm pretty sure Damian Darlington is the same bloke from The Australian Pink Floyd. I saw those guys a couple of years ago and they were intense. After watching a whole tonne of videos on YouTube I've decided to go and see Brit Floyd in May.


Here's an example of their brilliance:


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I posted that same video already, didn't I?!? I do remember it!


Yeah, Brit Floyd it is, they're playing a gig here soon, but I'm pathetically broke at the moment

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So yeah, now I know why they have flying pigs at Battersea Power Station. lol


I first saw Spider Pig from the Simpsons on a Simpsons documentary flying over Battersea Power Station; They didn't expain why and I thought that was quite random, now I know. lol.gif

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How often do they do that? Honestly, that was the late 70s for the album, two day affair to do the art work, and it was airbrushed in the end, to some degree, since it proved difficult. The art is some of the most terrific ever produced for any album me thinks. An ICON of music history

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I actually don't know...


And wonder if I've seen it.


I know I've seen something flying there, but, it could have been something else, some blimp shaped baloon, not a blimp, a fake blimp/baloon/advertisment baloon or, something. I looked, might have been a pig, IDK, but, idk, I've seen a lot of stuff in my time, so... If I did see that, I really would have just filed it under 'chuckle, lol.gif flying pig' and would have thought nothing more of it.


Can I be honest with you... 2003 - 2008's just one big blur to me, to be honest, but GOSH that was fun.

Edited by ilovebender.com

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During Live 8, you can see Battersea in the background during the camera angle direction. For a few moments, So fitting, DAMN!


The second day the marksman was absent, intended to shoot the inflatable if it broke free of it's mooring (sp?), and it did, as fate would have it. The day Pigs Flew!


Lil' Sumpthin' Sumpthin' since the last post, and sadly, I can't bump this with an edit, so I'll apprise those concerned! haha





If you keep checking back with YouTube, you see more of what has been missing all these years, As old as I am, I have had the idea over years time that we've seen all the rare material, that it just has been unearthed by this time, and still, something else pops up. The BBC lost footage is at the mercy of time, based historically on how they reused tapes made for telecast, those tapes had historically significant recordings, but that was not something the BBC took into account, more an economic need as I heard it.



Edited by Slamman

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A must hear BUMP for die hard FLOYDIANS



This is awesome, just perusing the new 6 months worth of album uploads to YouTube, studio and live, get 'em while you can! TAPE!




Finally, bootlegs made official, with the Immersion set, which we've mentioned before, something Floyd fans should drool over

There is also one other release matching the above (Journey/Man) that I didn't have time to listen to yet



Edited by Slamman

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Just saw Roger Waters' The Wall @ Yankee Stadium. F*cking unbelievable concert. I've only seen two concerts in my life and its gonna be hard for any concert to outmatch this one. I'm 19 and i'm very grateful i had the opportunity to see this because i believe this is his last tour for good

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