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Unique Stunt Jumps


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Using two guides, I tracked down all the jump locations on a savegame. However, either one isn't registering right, or I somehow got to one and moved on without completing it. I don't know how because once I discovered I was missing one, I went through the entire list AGAIN, checked every one and re-jumped it at least once. The problem is that on each one I don't know if the message is coming up because I completed it, or if it's because that's the one I've never done correctly.


Is there some trainer or tool that can look at a savegame and determine which collectables have or have not been collected? I have GTAconsole which I know can read savegame files (it can edit garages) but it seems to lack the functionality I desire.

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Use SAMA, and you posted in the wrong forum. Your problem has nothing to do with Troubleshooting.

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