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Calling the Cops on Me?


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I was just playing around on Firefly Island, no cops in site, I jacked a car on the side of the road and all of a sudden, I have like 3 cops chasing after me. I ran to the sidewalk and there were people looking at me on their phones who I think called the police. What was stopping R* from making this happeable either? I hear all the time people shouting to the police, "Hes over there!" So what do you think, or is people calling the police some obvious think I missed that everyone else saw?

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I think it was a bad idea for them to put that in the game. You can't do sh*t in IV without cops being on you immediately.

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I have launched a few RPG's to blow things up without attracting police attention. I suppose it must depend on where you are.

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It does seem like some peds call the police. I always see some person go "Holy sh*t!" and run away, and can faintly hear the dialing of a phone. It's always within a short time of this that the search circle crops up.


In a random aside, sometimes if you 'tackle' someone who's running away from the cops, the cop will thank you for your efforts. "We could use more people like you on the force!" Thought that was a neat touch.


It really seems to be location dependent on where you are, how fast the cops cue in on you.

Middle of Star Junction at noon? You're lucky to get two shots in without getting in trouble.


Industrial areas and tenements after dark? Unless you're really emptying clips, you can seem to get away with quite a bit before getting in trouble, especially if it involves something a little more subtle than a shotgun.


It's worth noting, also, that sometimes the search circle and the one star will appear, but on closer inspection, there's not actually any cops in the area actively pursuing you, yet. Just because you're wanted doesn't mean you're seconds away from being arrested, in all cases. An active search area is established, but no cops in sight.


Just my observations on that.



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