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looking for a vcpd cheetah?


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well if you are listen in because i got it on the first try this is how it goes

first get a rocket launcher and the raise wanted level and lower wanted level cheats. then go into the marina underground parking lot and put in the raise wanted level cheat until you get 4 stars. wait about 3 minutes real time then put in the lower wanted level cheat and go out to the street as fast as you can if there is a cheetah look inside if there is a siren get in it and save it. if this does not work the first time repeat this process and a little hint: i had a splitz 6 atv underground with me and thats the time i got it. hope this helps people who can not find a save that has a vcpd cheetah or does not want to use 3 hrs of useful time lokking for a perfect way to find one

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While your method works it is a lot of work and effort to get a vehicle that can be obtained in a much simpler way. A 3 star wanted level gets the Vice Squad after you and the VCPD Cheetah that they drive, so just take them out, steal the car and save it at the nearest save point.

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gta 4 gamer

in one of the missions, u take a picture of martinez and the police departmnet...they have a VCPD cheetah...U must go get Forbes ID, u have a 4 star wanted lvl...U drive the cheetah to get the ID and meet lance...go save ur game..

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