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_LCPDSWAT_ Now Recruiting


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Starting A New Law Enforcement Clan.... Message Me If You Want To Join....... XBOX 360 Only


We Play All Modes And Games.


We Need A


Officer Unit


Aviation Unit


My Gamer Card Name is EWEST1987



Clan Website Is LCPD SWAT

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dam you hardly played your xbox learn how to use your controller first before running a clan.

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My name is Harry and i was searching around for a clan to join when i stumbled upon this one. I am very interested to join this clan and i would be honoured if you can add me. I have lots of experiance in the police buisness because of being my dad being in the police force. I have experiance in many clans and had to leave them due to them closing down. I was in the LCPD WARRIORS, and SWAT UNIT 569i. I would love for you to contact me, my gametag is Sascom129.


Also i am writing to ask about any high ranks in the clan, such as Co-Leader.





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