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First mission gang fails to show up


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Running version 2


Soundblaster Fatility Platinum

Windows XP Clean Install - All drivers patched up to date

3 gb ram

3 ghz processor

Purchased Game


Okay the problem is...I recently formatted my computer. After the format I have installed GTA San Andreas 2nd Edition.


Was previously working on this same computer before a format.


My problem:


I ride the bike to the house to start off the first mission. I go in the house and we exit...we get in the car and...sit there until I press a button then we skip forward to where we meet the people at the graveyard then get on the bikes. As I am suppose to get on the bike..I get asked if I want to drive, the same audio from the first "get in the car" stuck scene.


I get on the bike and ride with everyone - but the car who is suppose to chase us doesn't show up - so the leader stops riding halfway through the ride and nothing else happens. I can get past this by killing myself and doing the sequence again. The car shows up the 2nd time. However, after I do the barbershop sequence - I walk out the door and the guy comments on my hair - then we freeze. Only way out now is to ctrl-alt-delete the game.


I have attempted running in Win 98 mode, nothing changes. I am running without a any other programs running so there are not conflicts. I have deleted and reinstalled everything I can think of.


Any suggestions?



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Did you delete the set file from the User Files folder?


Try reducing your hardware acceleration.

Control Panel > Display > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshoot.



3 ghz processor

Which processor?

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I did try deleting the set file (as well as reinstall with nuking anything I could find GTA-related).


I have a Pentium 4 processor. The game did run properly on this machine before I reinstalled Windows.


I have tried reducing the acceleration and this didn't work.



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I remember a similar issue on my old PC, I had to end all Processes I didn't need in Task Manager.

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I was able to fix the problem by going nuclear and reinstalling windows.


Thanks for the advice.

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