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Unplanned Shootouts


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...i had just finished a few missions and then failed "catch the wave" twice...ive found that usually things get worse before they get better so i decided to move on to something else......of course someone had to pay for my failed attempts..


...so i head back to the my safehouse and get properly equipped for such things...camo pants, ski mask, black boots and black jacket..


...after trolling around for a bit and seeing no one of particular interest i stop and say to myself....well this will just have to be totally random...then i say...ok...im going to take a right and then the next 2 lefts and the 1st person i see im going to start a fight with...if its a car im

going to shoot the tires and go from there...


...well i make my last turn...its an alleyway and i see 3 cops standing around...after a brief mercie_blink.gif moment i decide i better stick to the plan...


...an rpg seemed like the logical choice to get the party started...so after a particulary violent exposion resulting in all 3 cops being blown into the wall i have an instant 3 stars..


i wasnt really expecting all the excitement 30 seconds into my hairbrained idea.......well no time to stand around and think about it now..


i run around the corner and jack the 1st car i see...one of those van-like taxis...thinking i can escape without too much of a problem i hop in...well...what seemed like 6 or 7 minutes later & about 20 dead peds i finally do...


...i drive about 5 more seconds and stop to look around and i am suprised i am right in front of the lawyer building...hadnt see it quite a long time so i go check it out and suprisingly i could go in...


i go back outside to get in my car and aftera few attempts i manage to drive it inside and barricade the door from the inside...


...i get out and look around & think to myself..wow...how in the world did i end up inside this place with a taxi blocking the door with black smoke coming out of it...lol...


then i ended up having a heck of a shootout/last stand inside the lawyers office......totally by chance....


...maybe next time i'll try a left and 2 rights biggrin.gif

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That's a pretty good idea. You could also do the same at night in different parts of the city. Gunfights are easy to start in Hove Beach because of the Russian gangs.

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Mr. Someguy

I got to see dwaynes gangmembers, a biker gang, and the LCPD in a largescale gunbattle that ingulfed an entire street. I tell ya, It was just epic driving down the road, and for once, NOT being part of anything.

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