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Liberty City Minute


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I really didnt think id get the achievement 1st time around.

Due to the fact of all the time I spent running around, messing up, cop chases.

But I beat the game at 29:48:06

Pretty damn close if you ask me.

Great effin game, I wish I could watch all the videos for the game that show what you would've seen if you choose so and so.

Game was probably the only game other than COD4 I felt was worth its price.

Keep in mind I paid $80 for mine smile.gif

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Theres no way in hell Ima be gettin the Liberty City Minute my first play through. Not by a long shot.


I think Im at 50-some hours? At 50-something percent?

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Hah, I didnt think I would man but I was 12 minutes close

I took my time to.

I did side crap

I watched videos

I messed around

I looked at useless/funny crap

I replied some missions a ridiculous amount of times.


But somehow I did it. XD

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