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[snp] Flying School,Learning to Fly [v1]


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After playing this game for a few years, stil no luck with flying school..... blush.gifmercie_blink.gif


So again a cry for help......

The link: http://gtasnp.com/10484





ps. don't use cheats please





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I'll do it

For: Anna-Jikke

Mission: Learning to Fly

Helper: JAJ

Link: <Learning to Fly>


The Rustler, Hunter & Stuntplane will spawn at the aristrip.

saved back at the airstrip

There's a phone call waiting.

Since you don't like flying, I did N.O.E. for you too.

Link: <N.O.E.>

Enjoy the rest of the game!

Edited by JAJ
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Wow, glad I'm not alone! I got so frustrated, I broke my San Andreas (V2) Disk angry.gif , but later got V1 and just got a savegame!

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